My wonky bone and lessons.

Truth be told this past week has been a challenge. The noticeable change to my new shin- the one that I have been so carefully nurturing over the  past seven (or so) months – has had me out of sorts. 

Some days I have been teary, how did I manage to overlook the slipping of my screws during the Christmas period?! Other days I’m trying to convince myself that the bone will ‘remodel’, as Ivan suggested, and not continue to rise above my shin like a strange ‘wonky bone mountain’ as I am currently noticing. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s not about the appearance of my leg, the bumpy shin will no doubt go well with the other dozen or so scars that have been added to my leg since this process began.

At the end of the day my concern has been that I have no idea what it’s going to do now or if in fact it will affect my recovery timeframes. Following the realignment of the frame it was fairly sore again. It feels like I’ve turned back the clock, I just hope that I haven’t.  I have had to snap myself out of bouts of overthinking that add absolutely no value.

As a kid I was always quite philosophical, to the point that my sister would tease me about it!  As a result I think I worked on it harder! As you do when you’re a little sister.  I always had to find the calm in the moment, consider situations logically and find reason to remain composed and positive. I am sure I was very annoying. 

But it was how I have coped – with life – finding the necessary perspective to keep it real.  

So after the week that was I needed to snap out if it, to reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learnt in 2016, things that I will take away with me from what has been a very unique year.  It was a great thing to do, a random brainstorm of eleven things I want to remind myself.  

So that’s me trying to keep it real as we kick off 2017.  

Who knows what this year will bring but I’m fairly certain at a minimum it will include a longer leg, walking (maybe even some running), a few celebrations, a lot of laughs, a couple of trips and a whole lot of shopping (I need a new wardrobe😉)!


11 thoughts on “My wonky bone and lessons.

  1. Trish Tanks

    Rosie, what a learning curve you were on in 2016 both physically and spiritually. You have shown those who love you just what an incredible human being you are. You have no idea how you have helped me with my journey. I wish you all the best things in life for 2017.

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  2. Happy New Year Rosie!
    I’d love to be a Sage and say something very wise and inspirational, but in truth, whenever I read your blog, the only thing that springs to mind is “My God! This girl has soooo much gumption”. I just don’t know how you keep bouncing back. I wish you only the very best of everything not only for this year, but from here on in. You have been such an inspiration to so many of us. It WILL come good in the end 😄

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  3. And I’m sure you weren’t annoying as a kid, or now! And if anyone tells you differently send to me! I’ll deal with them….and that ain’t pretty! 🙂

    With that crazy, but loving, caring and sincere mob around you to support you through this very tough time (even if big brothers and big sisters can be pains in the butts more often than they should be – I speak from experience…I might not have had as many as you have…I had only one older brother, but too often if felt like I had 10!!!) you’ll be soon kicking all the goals you want and wish to! You’ll be telling them all to “shake a leg” before you know it! And they’ll be flat out keeping up with you!

    You have one of the best allies in the world by your side…your Mum.

    May 2017 treat you kindly, Rosie. It will, just you wait and see.

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