Surgiversary Β 

Well yesterday (Tuesday) was my two week surgeriversary! (Yes I made this word up 😁)

I honestly cannot believe it has been two weeks since I underwent surgery to insert the precise nail and fit the Ilizarov frame. 

How time flies! To mark the anniversary I can confirm my left leg is now officially 1.4 centimetres longer!!

I mentioned to Stella last night, “Can you believe it’s been two weeks since my operation?” 

“Yep”, she said.

“Don’t you think that time has gone quickly?” I questioned.

“Well maybe for you, but no, not really for me mum because I’m in your room keeping you company and entertaining you..”

Mmn by entertaining I think she means playing me a number of self-composed pieces on the HARMONICA.​  Beautiful kid.

That reminds me I must find it today..and put it somewhere safe!!

The optimist in me is cheering like crazy for the length gained and the progress made! It is pretty awesome to have gained in excess of a centimetre in the seven days I have been lengthening my leg.

The realist however is whispering ‘You are frigging kidding right?! Bit early to be celebrating… we have another THIRTY-THREE days of clicks and whirs left? 😩!’ 

If I was to be honest my emotions are firmly planted somewhere in between these two extremes! It’s a little crazy as amongst the deep bone moving pain I feel, I’ve got these crazy growing pains in my groin, knee and ankle!! The extreme kind.. that I can only imagine will intensify in the coming weeks! 

It’s reminiscent of the achey growing pains we have as kids.. times ten!  It is like dΓ©jΓ  vu as Mum rubs my leg and applies heat packs throughout the day,  ridiculous how you can return to a childlike state when pain peaks.  I am reaching out for any old and familiar comforts that will take the pain away. And for the most if it.. I know it is only the drugs that genuinely work, the rest provide minor relief/placebo comfort. 

Either way I think I am healing well (so far). Last night in the shower I accidentally wet the gauze at the top of my hip πŸ™ˆ..  As a result I had to unveil one of my wounds (for the first time) so the dressing could be replaced. It is one of the larger wounds I have and I was really quite amazed at how great it looked after just 14 days.


A bit gross..but I think it looks great!

On other positive topics…I am now a master of my crutches!! I find just going for a few laps of the house or loitering at the kitchen bench helps at times. Mobility is definitely the key! It feels so good to be upright as opposed to sitting/lying down. 

This may be challenged tomorrow when Jellina, Mum and I road trip to Brisbane  for a number of post surgery specialist appointments! No beds, no resting and a day on the crutches. 
I’m perhaps a little delusional but I can’t help but be excited..  I get out of my nightie for the day, I get out of the house for the day, I get to go to Brisbane for the day and I get to hang out with two of my favourite ladies ALL day! πŸ‘

Watch this space…


6 thoughts on “Surgiversary Β 

  1. Belinda Drummond

    You are healing well! Hope the check up in Brissie goes ok. Don’t forget to put the harmonica in a really safe place like out the car window on the way to Brisbane 😝

    Liked by 1 person

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