Losing the boot

I am so close to waving goodbye to my moonboot and it really could not come any sooner! 

This past few weeks we have seen temperatures of around 39 degrees over consecutive days! I have walked around in heat wearing the boot.. and I have to say it is not great!

It is like my leg has its own personal sauna. Like I might slip over inside my boot and slide right down the footpath! In other first world problems – my tan (albeit fake) –  is impossible to maintain inside a sweaty black plastic/foam lined boot!

The boot is quite tight on my leg these days and it’s time to start rebuilding my calf muscle!

I’ve never been one to like to look at myself walk, be it in a video or even a reflection!  I tried to get some ordinary footage of me walking and I feel a little ridiculous unless I make a joke of it.. 

You see I’ve bought myself a walking stick  and I’m not afraid to use it!! 

I actually need to use the stick (on advice from my top physio Craig) because it helps me to perfect my gait. Without it I am a little cautious and take short sharp strides which aren’t the best. So until I’ve mastered it.. I’m stuck with the stick.

My leg feels stronger now than ever before, I have no concerns with walking on it.. it just takes a bit longer to get places than I like!  I usually end up slipping the boot on because I want to go fast..

Seems I am still getting lessons in patience!


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