From strength to strength…

Last Friday (4 August) I went to see Ivan for my checkup.  It has been an age (well 12 weeks to be exact) and at times I have had pangs for the reassurance the visits to Ivan’s suites provided (even when the news was not always great). 

Mark is away working, so Lilli, Stella and I decided to make an event out of the appointment. This involved seeing family, catchups with friends, shopping and eating.. wayyy to much eating! 

This was selfie #499 – seriously!

I have wanted for a long time to give Ivan something personal from me.. a gift that was practical yet said ‘thanks for everything you have done’ for someone who undoubtedly has it all. I decided on a basket of beautiful local (non-presishable) products and a Bonsai terrarium (made locally by the wonderful Claudia aka ‘Plant Presents’ ).

Ivan did say ‘do you think this is your last appointment? It’s not over yet… you will be back again in 6mths!’ We decided we needed a photo regardless!
I  also attempted to put to paper how much I appreciated what Ivan had physically done for me yet my thoughts commonly returned to his counsel and kindness. I think there were two things that really stood out to me as I wrote.

1. It’s not the days you will remember, it is the moments. 

The days during my leg lengthening were some of the most difficult I had ever (or will ever again) encounter, yet now they have passed it is not those days that I recall.  It is the moments of laughter as I attempted to ‘camp’ while a massive cage was attached to my leg. The moment of joy when I made it into the shower on my own and finally took my first baby step. The moments of love when my family and friend’s faces shielded the pain I held in mine and the moments of kindness shown by strangers, medical professionals, friends and in particular my family.  This really led to my next point.

2. Be kind

This is my mantra and my girls get fairly tired of me parroting it…. be kind (usually to each other!). It costs nothing, yet quite simply it can change everything. Not only for the person that receives your kindness, but for you. I was on the receiving end of so much simple kindness that now everyday I consciously make the effort. Family, friends work colleagues, strangers.. they all deserve kindness.  I don’t know what is happening in their lives so it’s the least I can give.  Even if I feel particularly frustrated or irritated I am actively practicing the art of ‘wrapping it in kindness’. 

So unexpectedly my reflections were mostly about my ‘personal self’ as opposed to my ‘physical self’ HOWEVER I did say that it’s pretty awesome to pull on a pair of jeans and not need to roll up the hem…  although 42yrs of habit dies hard! 

Even if my knees don’t line up and my leg is super skinny! Lol…but once again I never was after perfection!

My bone has healed and remodelled just as Ivan had knowingly predicted it would! I am actually in shock at the noticeable difference in this reasonable short period of time. This photo was taken only in June. 

Three months ago my tibia still looked like it was patched together.. limbs and bumps were noticeable across my shin..

Last Friday’s X-rays (3mths later) show what a miracle our bodies really are.. that tibia is pretty damn straight and strong!! 

Look at that fishing hook (aka steel rod) my leg really does feel so strong now!
Amazing where life can take you in 15 short months. 

It won’t be long now and I’ll be walking ‘moonboot free’, albeit still with a slight limp, though nothing compared to the gait a 12cm leg length discrepancy created

Appreciate what you have, love all of the moments and be kind.



12 thoughts on “From strength to strength…

  1. It’s been one hell of a journey you’ve been on, Rosie, and you’ve faced it head on – all the frustrations, pain and discomfort.

    Your strength of purpose has never let you down. You deserve the best that life on offer. Grab it with both arms…and legs! 🙂

    Take good care….hugs.

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  2. Tania

    Your journey has been absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your moments of laughter, sadness, frustration, love & kindness. You are truely an inspiration to so many people. Here’s to champagne Rosie ! ❤❤The Halls

    Liked by 1 person

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