I had to laugh this week when I received a message from a dear mate who follows my blog, it began with..

‘Rosie its been four weeks since your last post!!! is this the end of the line? Or has Qld Health swallowed you up again?’

I actually could not believe that four weeks have passed since I last post. I think it is safe to say ‘Yes! I have been swallowed up again’!! 

Everyone is sick me me saying it, but I’m about to say it again…this working full time gig is a killer!!  I have returned to the chaos that comes with working on a significant project with critical timeframes, travelling weekly to Brisbane and spending a whole lot of time on my bum at a computer! 

The book I am reading at the moment is titled ‘The Wife Drought’ by Annabelle Crabb. One quote resonated ‘Working women are in an advanced, sustained, and chronically under-reported state of wife drought, and there is no sign of rain!’  AMEN. I need a wife (‘she’ can have balls)!

How quickly life’s routine has consumed me again. I’ve even been too ‘busy’ to see my physio or to maintain my weekly swimming sessions! I’m waking throughout the night thinking about how I might manage a situation the next day… what the heck!  Nothing I deal with is life or death but I’m allowing it to control my life. 

So while I’ve hit the ground running it seems I have lost my stride at the same time.   It is an easy trap to fall into…  I recognise that I’m not on my own, however I had thought following a 12mth period of ‘inability’ and a whole lotta perspective gained I would be able to push back. 

Nope. I can not.

Over the past week I have made a conscious effort to make time. I did not spend 12mths having my leg extended to not realise all of the benefits because ‘I am too busy’.   

As a result, I can now say that I officially suck at finding time for me. I would even say I failed miserably. 

Until today. 

Today I returned to the gym to see my mate who’s also been through a lot himself lately, Paul from Work n Out Fitness Professionals. He is supportive and kind and incredibly knowledgable. I managed to follow most instructions.. except the squat!  I reckon these pics say it all! 

Pauli, I hope your heart rate has returned to normal – lol

This exercise thing is a lot like riding a bike.. you don’t forget! 

Now to make the time!


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