Eat your heart out Frankenstein 

Today I underwent surgery. No panic. It was minor. Maybe even a little ‘everyday‘… Actually I felt like a ‘pro’ as I completed the nurses checklist.  This thirty (30) minute procedure hasn’t got a thing on the numerous hours I’ve spent in surgery over the past thirteen (13) months.

I don’t mean to sound cocky!  I know all surgery comes with risk – but I feel like anaesthesia and I have become close friends. If only the actual surgical recovery wasn’t so ordinary at times. I’d even go as far as to say that I understand the addiction Michael Jackson and Prince had to the comatose sleep and well rested vibe some have post anaesthetia. (I am not endorsing their addictions – I just get it!)

Anyway.. I had a BCC (basal cell carcinoma- skin cancer) removed from my nose. What the heck! I am only 42! 

It probably occurred as a result of my childhood years in the sun. I remember applying ‘sunscreen’ but in fact it was ‘Reef Oil’. It didn’t block the sun.. but god I smelt delicious! I clearly recall the days of peeling strips of skin from my sunburnt nose.

Photos from my school years highlight the freckled nose I always wore!

These sun filled days Of my childhood are about to come back and bite me!
Skin cancers are so common in Australia that two out of every three Australians will be diagnosed with at least one in their lifetime! I now apply sunscreen before I leave the house everyday and encourage my kids to do the same. It’s never too late to change your ways.. and I figure better late than never.

In the meantime today’s procedure on my nose is simply another scar to add to the patchwork quilt that is my body!

I am most definitely giving Frankenstein a run for his money!!

Funny enough when I saw Ivan (Dr Astori) in his surgery last week he discussed future surgeries with me (to remove the rods that are in my femur and tibia). My first thoughts? Oh no.. more surgery.. more scars?!  However it really is okay.. as I am going to miss the Astori orthopaedics team once this is all done!

I felt my first real pang of grief as I walked towards Ivan’s surgery for my appointment last week.  It was the first time I had walked ‘free of crutches‘ along the corridor towards his office, since prior to my operation.  I admit that I am an emotional creature, so I could not help but shed a little tear in recognition of the emotions I had felt at the various times I crutched, paused and cried this particular walkway.

As I entered the surgery with tears in my eyes..I was greeted by my dear friend Liz who gave me a cuddle thinking I may have been physically hurting from the walk.

I explained to her that I was ‘just feeling a little emotional as I had walked by myself to the surgery crutch free!  Actually I usually say ‘crutchless‘ only because.. well it makes me giggle….. yes I am childish!

Liz’s response was along the lines of..  ‘Oh for CHRIST’S SAKE, snap out of it!!’ 

I love Liz and this was just the virtual slap that I needed! Once again I thank god for my friends 😇😍. 


4 thoughts on “Eat your heart out Frankenstein 

  1. Lizzie

    You make me sound so harsh!! Lol
    You know I love you so much and yes it bought a tear to my eye too as I have seen you come through that door over the last year through many hard times and now you are nearly at the end of your journey of entering through our door….I love you my friend.. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my beautiful friend you are a harsh biatch at times, you know it!! Lol BUT I love you so much an the fact you’re totally honest so it really is totally okay! It’s been such an interesting road glad you’ve been there xxx


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