Back in the race…

Well the pace of my life suddenly feels like it is increasing in tempo and a big part of me likes the normality that comes with this busy pace!  The other part is thinking ‘Oh Crap! Here we go again’!! 

Prior to my operation life was just so crazy! Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not unique in this… we all just have such busy lives don’t we?!  Personally, I was highly strung and suffering from psoriasis at some of the busier times of my life where work and personal stress and anxiety were fed by my frayed nerves. 

While my leg lengthening has not been a holiday, it has afforded me the luxury of a relatively quiet, calm and slower life. I have  had to learn to be still, even when I’ve wanted nothing more than some chaos in my life, AND I have had the pleasure of being there for the girls before and after school and during the school holidays! 

I have to say it has been a privilege to have such quality and quantity time particularly these past few months!!  This is not always the case for the majority of us, I know it’s one of the things I will always hold close to my heart from this entire experience.

So today as I returned to work for the first time in… 355 days!! I have made the commitment to myself that I will not return to the level of craziness I had prior to my operation. Hopefully not only will I have a longer leg but I will have the ability to better manage the chaos with my new found calm. Fingers crossed.

The kids sent me off with a hug and a kiss and I have to say it was a pretty wonderful return with the beautiful team that I get to sit with when at the Gympie Hospital feeding me cream cupcakes (totally unnecessary!) and I received beautiful flowers too (thanks Dreens and Tim, Kym, Di, Ange and Brian)! 

I feel bloody lucky to return to such a great place of work! 

Of course when it came to actually working.. well I couldn’t login, the network ports wouldn’t work and I had no access to the network that I needed BUT I got plenty of reading done!!

Anyway.. there’s always next week when I head back again as part of my gradual return to work. I am not stressing.

In fact I read a great quote today that I absolutely loved and may become my mantra… ‘You can do anything, just not everything‘.

Well not all at once anyway. 😉

So tonight I am shagged. My leg is a bit sore but I feel genuinely happy to be back.



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