Just like riding a bike..

Dr Astori (Ivan) gave me the nod last Thursday to work towards throwing away the crutches over the next 2-3wks! 

I was so pleased to hear this news, although it was an understated display of excitement due to the fact I had shared a couple of bottles of champagne (advance celebrations) with dear friends the night before! 

The X-ray showed the bone healing well around the 6mm steel rod Ivan has inserted into my tibia. It was interesting to finally see the X-ray displaying the full length and appearance of the rod.

Who would’ve thought that the rod would in fact look like a big shoe horn! It was inserted at the ankle and is not pinned but I am quite sure it’s not going anywhere!

Awesome huh? You can see where the bone is a bit lumpy around the regrowth, by all accounts it will continue to ‘remodel. To be honest I don’t care about the bumps at all.  I’m just happy it is straight.

Following the excesses of Easter (wayyyy too much chocolate and champagne) I was committed to kicking off this week the right way with swimming in the new Aquatic Recreation Centre in town! It was good.  So good. I love the mindfulness achieved in water and the ease of movement was just what my exercise deprived mind and body has longed for over the past 11 months. I felt stronger than I thought I would. I decided I needed to take it slowly to avoid burn out and reduce the risk of me passing out.  

Today I swam 700 metres. I really do feel everything coming to life again! Breaststroke is my most challenging stroke (actually it felt impossible at the start)! My left frog leg was initially clunky and rigid, yet each day it has improved.

But wait there’s more..  just like that it has felt right to go ‘crutchless’!  Around the house I have been parking my crutches on a wall and quite comfortably walked these past few days! Initially I was a little shocked. Now I’m just so BLOODY EXCITED

Lil took this video of me earlier !  I may look like I’ve just got out of the pool… because I had

It seems learning to walk again is a bit like riding a bike, it just comes back to you! I’ve still got a way to go, my steps are exaggerated and I look like I’m thinking too hard about them at times (because I am). However I am genuinely happy.

I cannot help but think how grateful I am to now be at the point where I can swim and start to walk again!  The pain and issues that have come and gone seem so long ago. It has been the most challenging  year of my life physically, mentally and financially but it is incredible how many great things have also been experienced through family, friendships and learning about myself!!

When I saw this quote, by an unknown author, last week I loved it.

 ‘I smile every chance I get. It is not that life has been easy, perfect or exactly as I’d anticipated, but I choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things I do have and all of the problems I know I don’t have’.

Keep it real.



4 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike..

  1. Lizzie

    That is so awesome babe!!! Walking without Crutches!!! Yeeooowwww!!!
    What a journey you have endured this last year and look at you now!! Gorgeous my friend…❤

    Liked by 1 person

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