The return to reality. 

Last week I made the decision that regardless of where I am at with weight bearing or walking I am doing everything I can to return fully to my life. 

It began after I had mown the lawn last week following the beautiful rain we received after Cyclone Debbie. Nooo not with a push mower. 

I was on the ride-on loving myself and while the vibration of the mower did get a little uncomfortable towards the end.. I survived.  No actually I thrived on the normality.  The smell of sweet, fresh cut grass all over me and the relative freedom that came with it felt so good.

I am out and about a lot now and my leg is not swelling anywhere near as much as it had with the Ilizarov frame fitted. Following my catch-up with Ivan this week (13/4), and his support of my decision, I plan to return fully to work in May (assuming I hold up!). 

This extended 12 month break is over. I have sent emails to those I had to advise and have had a few follow up conversations.. it feels so good, exciting and a little daunting!

As a result I have felt the overwhelming need to ‘pull my finger out’ and get organised with a couple of jobs that I’ve been putting off. 

The first on my list.. cleaning out my wardrobe! I kicked it off in my PJs at 7am and finished many hours later.. saying goodbye to bags of clothes with a large percentage being the 35 pairs of pants, jeans and slacks that are now obselete! I’m sure it could’ve felt better if lots of them weren’t my favourites..

Oh dear.. I think this means I have an excellent excuse for a priority trip to the shops!
I have dragged out the right shoe from each pair of my flats that kind of ‘match’ my black moonboot… Mmn might need to start saving for the shoe restock next!

The second thing I felt I could handle this week was the follow up skincheck that I’ve been putting off.. yesss I know!

I visited the local Sun Doctors late last year and the Doctor suggested a biopsy on a funny spot on my nose. After hearing it required anaesthetic AND a stitch. I gave a point blank NO! Already carrying a steel cage around on my leg at the time I obviously felt an additional stitch would be too much! The Doctor agreed there was no urgency.

I eventually got a referral to go off to a plastic surgeon to have a look/remove the spot on my nose and he suggested it was nothing but a solar keratosis and sent me home with a million dollar cream and a list of other  suggested ‘surgical treatments’ for me.. 

Returning for a follow up skincheck at Sun Doctors last Wednesday resulted in the need for the biopsy and confirmation that it is a BCC.  I’m now off to see a new plastic surgeon!

Pleased I followed my gut instinct and had the spot checked again… here I was telling Stella I looked a lot like Norman Gunston only for her to tell me that I need to worry about not looking like Voldemort!

Ah the sweet return to reality.




One thought on “The return to reality. 

  1. Susan

    Hey you, gotta love reality or not. Understand the nose bit as I do had a spot removed and now I have a dent right at the pointy end. Which resulted in one of my friend commenting “Its good that you have finally had that wart removed you old hag”. Yer gotta get me self some new friends.

    Love your spirit.


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