Healing with a chance of moods.

This past week I have been a touch moody.

I have swung between complete withdrawal to short and sharp. I think it’s a culmination of the fact that I am still not walking, I have not worked for 310 days, and that I have a cracking case of PMT!  I feel hopeless, frustrated and a little emotional but I figure this is normal and to be expected from my never ending story.

Regardless I do feel the need for a general apology to those of you that have been around me, lived with me or just shared a short conversation with me #sorryifiwasacow.

I feel the end of my tether is nigh, yet my story still has sooo much further to go!

I finally returned to the physiotherapist on Thursday and he gave me a bit of a dressing down! You see my commitment to physio has been a lot like when you get a gym membership in November, you go hard for a month or so, stop over Christmas… and…never go back!

Yeh so I didn’t go back.  I still had my program. I didn’t really do it.

There is a bit of work to do to be prepared to walk! So Friday was my New Year’s Day (minus hangover) – and my resolution that I will stick with my physio! Six days in and I’m pleased to say I’m going okay! I really want my entire self (mind/body/spirit) back on track!

I had hoped to start swimming by now but I’m feeling a bit cautious following a chat with my physio that went a lot like ‘maattee be careful those wounds open up like a flower in the water’. Eek.

What is left of my pin sites.. almost gone.
I am amazed at the healing across my ankle where the rod was inserted into my tibia.

Friday marked a full week with the moonboot on and I have to admit I wasn’t loving it.  Pressure across the wounds and shin continued to cause discomfort and generally felt wrong

As a firm believer of following your gut instinct I just knew I would have issues with it over the next 4-6Months. I decided to return to Brisbane on Monday to visit the lovely Brad in his workshop. Initially he tried a fair bit of panel beating again however just when I felt it was more comfortable he disappeared and returned with plaster..

‘Um what are you doing? I though we had it all sorted!’

‘Yes well.. it may fit well now but seriously.. that looks like shit! There’s no way you are wearing that!’

So just like that the front of the moonboot was recast and within two hours I had a new straight boot!

To be honest the warm plaster being applied to my leg felt soo nice.. a bit like a mud wrap! I think I could line up for a full body cast sans injury!

I don’t mind a chat, so as I was speaking with Brad during the casting process we discussed how far orthoses have come. I was reminiscing about a tiny pair of boots hand crafted for me by an orthotist in West End about 40yrs ago when I had just started walking that Mum recently bought out for me to look at.

Apparently I just would NOT leave these boots on and would take them off every time there was an opportunity! This persisted throughout my primary years until I just refused to wear them. Thank god I had parent who respected and supported my decisions no matter what!

In a strange coincidence we discovered the location of this ‘bootmaker ‘ in West End was in fact the original business (GB Orthopaedics) and also happened to be Brad’s father-in-law who still owns/works in the business.

So there you go sixth degrees of seperation, It is funny/uncanny/destiny how I ended up back there.. life seems to go in a full circle at times.



3 thoughts on “Healing with a chance of moods.

  1. I’m not going to be stupid enough (and I can be stupid enough and more than enough) to even attempt to say I understand what you’re going through, emotionally and physically. I don’t have a clue.

    My imagination is pretty damn good…but I’m not the one experiencing your emotions, your pain, your frustrations, your discomfort, your impatience, your anger, your everything! You are the one who is going through all of this…only you know. Only you knows your inner thoughts etc Onlookers can sympathise, but no one else knows and feels what you, yourself, are feeling….at all time.

    One thing is for sure…I certainly don’t blame you for all of what you’re are feeling; of what you’re dealing with…your need to vent; your need to be angry and frustrated…all of it. You are the one who is going through all of this…you are the one suffering the pain, the frustration…everything.

    So don’t apologise, Rosie, my sweet….deal with it as you see fit…you can only be you. And only you are the one feeling all of the above and more. God! You’re showing incredible fortitude, my girl! Be proud of yourself. 🙂

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