Exposed, visitors and yay PANTS!

This morning I was lying wide awake in my hospital bed at 12:22am. Just three short days ago (Tuesday 28/2) at 3pm I had the necessary surgery to remove the Ilizarov frame.

Funny enough I had felt a little lost without the frame on my leg but I had found comfort in the plaster cast. That was until Thursday when it was decided by Ivan, following a quick discussion around the pressure the plaster was placing on my heel, that he would remove the cast. Eek!

This was the before and after redressing on Thursday – even with my bloodied leg looking at me I knew Ivan had done something a little extra in surgery… I did not realise how much but i was left gobsmacked as it dawned on me what Ivan had done in surgery! My bent tibia was straight!! Apparently it is amazing what you can do with a 6mm stainless steel rod and a relatively pliable new bone. I was beyond excited!! If it is possible for me to admire and love this man any more.. I just did.

My eyes well up as I realise once again what Ivan he has done for me. This man is amazing and I will be forever grateful to him.

I think Liz best described the feelings I’ve had since being left with a bare leg as Stockholm syndrome ‘feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor‘. I totally get it. I feel out of sorts with the lack of steel holding me captive and I feel the immediate need to have something applied to this naked leg.

I didn’t think I would be able to sleep but I crashed with my newly bare leg wrapped around a a pillow for the first time in a very looong time!!

Which brings me back to it being wide awake at 1am Friday morning! No it was not my leg causing issues. I had woken to the sound of drilling in the ward. Seriously?! Who the hell is drilling at that hour in a hospital ward?!

I had put my head under a pillow. I had tossed and turned with my naked leg and I had cursed the Mater for undertaking nighttime building works??!! Finally  I couldn’t stand it any longer and I decide to buzz a nurse.

She too was puzzled by the loud, bone rattling, night drilling rocking the end of the ward.

Further investigations discovered it was the bloke next door snoring through his sleep apnea machine!!!!  W T F!

I was about to pull this fellas plug out if he didn’t stop drilling a tunnel under the Mater..right now!! I begin to think he’s in hospital so his partner can have respite.. the noise is insane!
It has been a huge couple of days since surgery and perhaps the snoring has just topped off my already frazzled nerves.

This pain is quite manageable and as opposed to my previous hospital stays where I asked friends and family to give me some space, this time around I have welcomed visitors.
In fact the frame has even come in handy as a vase when I had a surprise visit around lunchtime from Mum and Jellina Wednesday.  They drove down from Gympie to have a coffee with me! Such a sneaky pair ❤

At the same time my beautiful friend Liz also popped over from Ivan’s office for a quick visit during her lunch break..

My pain relief had resulted in a bit of nausea so I repaid my visitors with a sudden and overwhelming need to vomit!
Luckily I had Jellina there to quickly offer me a..  takeaway coffee tray 🙄 (ha..the perfect sieve!) Thank god I was able to quickly reach the more obvious choice of a lined bin right bedside her!

A visit none of us will forget anytime soon!

I also had Michelle, Mark, Kath and Jen all visit bearing coffee and other treats.. I really felt the love!

I am genuinely blessed and I remind myself of this (over and over).

So at 2am this morning when old mate (aka chainsaw) next door was still going.. well there was nothing I could do bar look on the bright side.. and apologise in advance to everyone for the mood I would be in when I woke!

However amongst the excitement that I would be heading home today….  it suddenly came across me that I would finally be able to do something I have not done 9months!!


One of the happiest moments I’ve had in 9mths! These pants are brand new/never worn and I haven’t had to take them up! This isn’t going to get old.

Soo…..YAY PANTS!!  👣


14 thoughts on “Exposed, visitors and yay PANTS!

  1. Ohhh Rosie you’re almost at the end, (well, compared to what you’ve been through) You are an absolute MARVEL!!!
    We’re soooo pleased and happy for you. I foresee a whole new wardrobe coming.
    Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha – ah thanks my friend! it was a first to not have to take up pants… honestly I was just so excited to put pants on I didn’t care what they were! Really looking forward to seeing you soon xx


  2. Oh, Rosie, love….I’m so happy for you. I sit here typing…a wide smile across my face and tears in my eyes. You’re a hell of little trouper, my dear. How absolutely wonderful…and it sure shows on your beautiful face.

    Your joy (and I don’t mean your Mum) is palpable! 🙂

    Your family…the whole lot of the mad crew must be so happy for you. Give my love to your Mum. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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