Introducing a rod.

Excellent news! Today Ivan confirmed that the ‘cage’ is coming off on Tuesday 28 February. Yay.

Feeling genuinely excited.. and maybe a little apprehensive.

You see while it is agreed the time has come to get the frame off,  the risk of any further bend in my bone is still a concern. (with good reason because deadset a bendy shin ain’t so great).  As a result on Tuesday while I am indeed getting the metal removed from the exterior of my leg I will also get a little bit of metal inserted.

Ivan hit me with this small curve ball today.  It will result in the fours screws in my tibia being removed and a steel rod being inserted into my tibia. I will be in hospital until Friday 3/3 – hoping I’m out of there before Adele arrives (don’t want them getting us confused). H e l l o 

So yeh. I am ok with this… it makes sense. Maybe a little bummed that I have another significant operation and hospital stay at this stage of the game, but it is most definitely not the end of the world.

Very little else I could do but place a glass in my hand and raise it with Mum this afternoon.

So here’s to the next step.



8 thoughts on “Introducing a rod.

  1. I wish you all the very best, Rosie. Keep that determined chin of yours up! We are all behind you, all the way. Stay strong…but if you feel like having a good old howl or three…do it! There’s nothing wrong in that! Hugs. 🙂

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