Ultrasound and Ultrasensitive.

When I purchased the Exogen ultrasound machine (to promote bone healing) in September last year I paid $1500 for a 150 day program contained on an SD card that is inserted into the machine. At the time I thought ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY days was a damn long way off.

However it appears time flies when you are having fun as just like that another 150days have passed. 

Finally the ultrasound program is complete! Can’t say I was sad to see this message pop up onscreen – finding 20minutes every morning amongst the before school chaos was tricky some days!
 Did it work?!  I have no idea but I do have plenty of bone, and it looks strong, so I’m sure it has contributed to that growth and assisted any bone density issues I might’ve had at my age! (Sadly I’ve noticed conversations often end with this statement- what the?!)A bit of trivia for you.. just like the Ilizarov frame the Exogen ultrasound machine is not returned or reused (unless I break another bone and choose to establish another Exogen program on a new SD card). They are both considered one time use devices, that surprised me.

I will head back to see Ivan next Thursday with everything crossed that the frame can be removed on 28  February.  At my last visit with Ivan, in January, he instructed that I was to avoid all weight bearing. Ivan rang last Friday (following his review of an interim X-ray I had sent through) he asked me to continue to stay off my leg. I have to admit that doing this has been difficult.  I was just getting used to placing a reasonable amount of weight on my leg and using it while standing to balance and then BAM it all had to stop. 

So the day I walk again will be a mighty fine day.

While I can generally do a lot on the crutches, this week my frustrations boiled over when I heard a strange noise in the kitchen just behind the island bench.. it sounded a little like faint hiccups, I moved around the bench to have a look and discovered our cat (Bob) dry retching!! 

OH GREAT!!  The cat was about to spew in my kitchen!  Under normal circumstances I would have grabbed him and run (at full pace) out into the yard and popped him onto the grass. But of course this was not possible.

So I screamed for Lilli! I expected/needed her to respond with the same sense of urgency, grab Bob and run at full pace outside.. RIGHT NOW..  before he vomits everywhere! 

Lilli came racing out of her room in response to my panicked calls, but I could see her pace slowing as she assessed what was happening and what I needed her to do.. ‘quick Lil pickup the cat and put him outside before he is sick!!!’

At that exact moment the cat vomitted everywhere and Lil began dry retching. I am now yelling ‘pick the cat up lilli – for gods sake!’ like some crazy woman! 

Lilli’s nose was jammed firmly under her shirt – she was getting no closer!  Bob started retching again. Lilli has now started backing towards her room also dry retching!

‘PICK THE CAT UP LILLI’!! My lack of agility on the crutches feeling so overstated with this seemingly simple task that needed to be done and I just couldn’t do it!

Lilli still had not picked up the cat. 

[**insert what felt like a ridiculously long wait for Lilli to come forward pickup the cat (while dry retching) and take him outside. It took two more cat vomits – different  locations of course and a hoarse throat (mine) from ‘loudly asking‘ her to pickup the frickin cat**]  

It is up there with one of the most frustrating moments I have had to date. So when Lil returned through the front door sans cat. She walked in to me throwing my stupid crutches (so grown up) and cursing this simple task …. and every other simple task I’ve stumbled over in the past 9 long months! I felt sooooo frustrated. 

As with any good tanty it is never fun when you then have to pull yourself together (in this case to help clean up cat spew), so I did… but it was done in silence alongside Lilli (Stella was mysteriously missing!!) each of us trying not to dry retch! Once the floor was clean I hopped up and began to slink away wiping tears. I was annoyed at myself for being so irrational and Lilli for not responding to my calls to remove the cat like a ninja!

I felt a little tap on my shoulder.

‘Mum do you need a hug?’ 

It was Lil.. I nodded. 

She wrapped her wise 14yr old arms around me and stroked my back. ‘It’s ok Mum. None of this really matters. Come on you’re almost there, you can handle this… You do your best everyday and soon you will be free of the frame and your crutches, it really is not long now. Its gonna be ok. I love you Mum.’

We stood like this for an age, my tears dripping down Lilli’s shoulder. 

I actually just reach her shoulders.. lol

Here was my kind, wise and mature 14yr old daughter comforting me with words that I’ve heard fall from my own lips at times. It was special and reminded me that I am so lucky.

As a result I have of course forgiven her for not being a cat ninja.



10 thoughts on “Ultrasound and Ultrasensitive.

  1. Trish

    God bless daughters and I would love to say, “she’s one in a million” but sorry…..I’ve got that one!
    Love, love, love your blog and I’m always looking for the next episode

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God Rosie! How is it that I start reading your blog, burst into bouts of hysterical laughter (at the thought of your ‘horrified face’ facing the thought of poor cat chucking), and end up bawling at the thought of poor Lil trying not to add to the ever increasing amount of chuck on the floor.
    Those girls of yours must have been a Godsend to you over all this time. Can’t believe how tall Lill is. I’m sure the frame will come off as planned. We will be thinking of you along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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