So. Do you want the good news or the great news?!

Of late I am pretty much living on antibiotics. My body is fighting against infection constantly as my leg continues to want to rid itself of the four steal pins screwed into my bone and two wires that run through it.  

I try to take probiotics daily to relieve the pressure the antibiotics place on my system. 

When I remember that is.. god help me if I need pills as I get older, my memory really sucks. I know I’ll need one of those special “MTWTFSS” containers! 

The infections are actually no big deal – I’m quite used to them and thankfully they have all been superficial and most are in the wires that run from one side of my leg to the other. 

The wires run directly through my leg via the bone. I always think of these guys (aka wires) like little stabilisers. I have no idea if that’s the role they play but they are the most painful and often feel like they pinch and have since the day they were put in.

So today when I had my monthly visit with Ivan I was very excited to hear that it was time for the wires to come out! 

Ivan had hinted at this in my previous  visit and I had asked if this meant I would be down for day surgery.

‘No. No surgery is required. It is done here in my offices’, he’d replied. 

‘Oh ok. So you just give me something so it doesn’t hurt?’ 

‘No. We just pull it through, it burns a little but I’ve had 12yrs olds have it done and they were fine’.

I think I gave Ivan one of my ‘special’ looks, ‘Well I’m FORTY-TWO I’m not sure I will be fine.’

So here I was today faced with a double edged sword, this was going to be painful but the outcome would be so worthwhile. Getting rid of the wires is one step closer to ridding myself of the frame!

We first had to check that the bone growth was going as well as hoped. I have had the feeling that it was going great because I can actually feel the bone along my shin. 

YES! The newest X-ray shows bone growth is fantastic! Looking back to my earlier X-rays it shows how far this little baby has come!!

The X-ray confirmed all was good. Pretty damn INCREDIBLE!

So with that I was prepped for wire removal. Ivan’s tools for his trade did make me giggle.  

I did suggest to Ivan he is a little like the mechanic of the medicine world – but better of course!
I would like to say I was brave and watch as he unscrewed the wires, snipped them off on one side of my leg with the ‘wire cutters’ (not the technical term) and pulled them through. I wasn’t though. 
I chose to hide my face behind/under the blanket like a true grown up.
So just like that they are gone. No more wires.
In even better news the ENTIRE frame looks like it will be removed on 31 January! *insert cheers of joy*

A cast will then be fitted for approximately 2weeks until a splinted moon boot is made for me.

I will then use the moon boot for around for 4-6 months whenever I am standing or walking!! 

BUT the great news is I can take it OFF! Bring it 🙌


21 thoughts on “So. Do you want the good news or the great news?!

  1. Oh, Rosie….my dear sweet girl. I’ve tears in my eyes. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all of this…but you’re a little warrior. You make my heart sing!

    What a shit of a journey you’ve had to go through, and are still going through..but by the sounds of it…there is a bright light forging forth across the horizon.

    A very Merry Christmas, dear girl….hugs to you…and give that Mum of yours a big hug from me, too. 🙂

    Take good care. I hope 2017 treats you kindly and all your dreams, hopes and wishes are fulfilled.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It has most definitely been an interesting ride Lee.. not all bad – I’ve definitely learnt slot about myself and I’ve been challenged like there’s no tomorrow but on the other side of this experience I think I’ve grown a hell of a lot!
      Thanks for your love and support. I will most definitely give Mum a big hug from you!
      Have a wonderful Christmas and new year xx


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