Wheely crazy..

This week my dear friend Andrena called me as she had got me “something” and I was “not allowed to get cranky“. Ha. Funny thing was I instantly knew what it was.. I had seen her comment on a ‘walker’ on a Facebook buy, swap and sell page… I had thought it was for her Dad…. but um NO it was for ME!! 😱

I came home to find this crazy, generous, beautiful woman zipping up and down the footpath showing everyone how fabulous the walker will be for me to scoot around on…
Deadset I have no words for this woman..
I was still saying “ANDRENA I will NOT use this walker…’ as Stella got on it and started buzzing around on the deck with it.. and the zipping around the house has been fairly constant with both girls since it’s arrival!  

We are spending a Sullivan Christmas all together at Noosa and her plan is that I can get pushed along Gympie Terrace instead of crutching… (personally I think I will need to crutch to wear off some of the food and drink!) I was not keen on the idea 

So… I admit I think I like it! I can’t steer it well and I may be a danger to all around me while on it… but it’s a cool resting place for my butt!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t bring it with me this weekend because I’m camping! Crazy huh! 

Actually when I explained we were setting up camp at Inskip Point indefinitely over the Christmas holiday period so we can come and go to the beach.. I got a lot of ‘looks’. I recognise crutches and sand don’t mix  – actually again it’s highlighted how much we take for granted when we  are able bodied – but I like to think everything is achievable! 
Ok so maybe using a porta loo and standing on a fake grass covered crate to shower can be a little challenging – not to mention kind of dangerous.  I have already once been rescued from the tent after overbalancing and finding myself face to face with the popup shower tents zipper (literally). On a positive it was a soft fall!

When we first arrived ,while we had the van, there was no functioning ‘facilities’ (I couldn’t use the porta loo).. so as Murphy’s law would have it, I found myself really needing to visit the ladies (or at Inskip more commonly known as the public long drop 😷). Look they are actually quite clean etc etc it’s just you know… the long drop 🙈! 

Anyway having no idea where to go and not keen to crutch a long way in the sand my beautiful friend Lori suggested she drive me to the toilets. We set off and had only travelled 50mtrs when we saw the toilet at the top of a small rise.  At the same time the car started to sink in deep soft sand.. “Oh my god I think I’m getting bogged”, Lori said as she looked to me wide eyed.. After an initial giggle I suggested “Ok you let me out and then you can reverse back through your tracks”. 

Lori and I are very capable of many thing but getting a car out of a bog in deep soft sand is not one of them (yet!).  I slid out of the car and got my crutches in place  I took one step from the car and immediately sunk in sand (mid-shin).*insert a lot of laughter*

“Oh sh#t! Will you be right?” Lori said torn between me and her sinking vehicle. “Yes yes I’m fine. You go..” I said waving her off.

“Righto I’ll run straight back ok”, she called as she spun sand through the air reversing out. 

At this point I had a little laugh to myself at how ridiculous the entire situation was… who goes to the beach camping on crutches! 

I extracted my right leg from the shin deep sand and crutched forward sinking deep into the sand. Unfortunately the next step involved my right (unframed) leg catching a stick on its way back out of the sand and tripping me… with that I face planted the sand!

It was funny. Damn funny and I had no one to share it with… not one witness. I remained on my belly face down in the sand for a bit.  Assessing myself and making sure I wasn’t hurt. I was ok. No injuries just covered in a sh#tload of sand. 

I made it to the long drop and not long after heard Lori outside “Are you ok?” 

“Yes I’m right now”,  I said as I left the long drop and finally exhaled my breath..

 “What happened?” She asked “I’ve come back  and I can see your tracks.. there’s a couple of crutch steps, a twisted mess in the sand then the steps return..” I think my sand covered self said it all.. we were both bent over in laughter! 

I think camping is going to be quite the adventure!


4 thoughts on “Wheely crazy..

  1. I hope you don’t get a case of diarrhoea while camping!!! Just saying’…….. 😉

    And don’t go dropping your crutch down the long drop!!

    And don’t go running people over along Noosa Terrace or Hastings Street while operating your “walker”! Be wheely, wheely careful! And make sure you have the brakes on when you go down Noosa Hill!!!! Do you need a license to operate it?


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