I have felt like it has been my birthday each day this week! I have been receiving something special almost every day from beautiful people! 

I have been overwhelmed by generosity. A beautiful figurine to remember my ‘Journey’ (thank you Margaret and Colin❤️) and some gorgeous Glass wax melts (thanks again Toni)!

One of my absolute favourites things was received from Charlie and Iona Robertson from South Australia, they are in Year one and three and each of them has worked hard with their classes (who have been following my story) to make a beautiful card and a little book full of the loveliest get well wishes! Honestly it was the sweetest thing. I laughed and cried as I read each of the messages and I LOVED the drawings so much!. Thanks so much kids (and you’re lovely teachers for taking the time to plan such a thoughtful gift).  

The book has 24 gorgeous pages full of the sweetest messages from the kids. Each letting me know they are praying for me and hoping my leg gets better! I particularly loved the ‘I hope your leg grows’ (me too Flynn! I think it’s getting there) and ‘you are as good as gold’ (thanks Erika 😁)! I will treasure this and the thoughtfulness of all kids involved.

I actually tried to record a video message showing off the book – but after numerous attempts I had to stop.  I was speaking like Miss Rosie from Romper Room! It was getting ridiculous and I could no longer stand to watch myself!

Bright and early Friday morning we set off to Brisbane to see Ivan (Dr Astori) for the first time in a month. I felt really excited – not because I had any huge expectations – it has just felt like something has been missing in my life without my weekly appointments.  

Unfortunately it appears I am NOT a miracle bone grower as I had anticipated. I’m just your run of the mill bone grower. Disappointing really, but that is reality it seems.  

I do have fuzzy bone growth (not the technical term) slowly appearing . I can only describe it as shadows and it appears at this stage it is an “okay” amount of growth, yep just okay. We all know I always hope for more than just okay.  

As my beautiful friend Leah (see below) suggested yesterday it’s like stalagmites and stalactites each slowly forming at their own rate to inevitably meet in the centre. I just hope it doesn’t take the same amount of time as necessary for mineral crystallisation to occur.. please!

This is possibly why at my next visit (in 4wks time) there needs to be a reasonable increase in bone growth or Ivan has suggested we may need to consider a bone graft! 

Eek – the reason given is that my tibia has done nothing that we have asked straight up.  It’s not “normal” and as a result may not do what we expect. The bone graft is not just a last resort, it can be a way to simply speed up the healing on this incredibly large bone deficit so that I’m not left in the Ilizarov frame forever.

Gee talk about the lesser of two evils.

‘Mmn.. so exactly what does a “bone graft” involve?’, I asked Ivan after a brief shocked pause. Seriously I couldn’t think of anything worse than another procedure.

‘We harvest bone, usually shaved from the top of your hip,  it is then combined with BMPs and we surgically introduce them to your tibia’ Ivan responded. 

‘What the.. are BMPs?’ 

‘They are bone morphogenetic proteins. Synthetic proteins that contribute to new bone growth’ Ivan responded.

Doing my usual ask too many questions..’So what happens? Do you mix them together – roll it into a bone shape and stick it in the gap?’I was having a giggle at my own naivety/stupidity. ‘I just have no idea.’ 

‘No. A mix of harvested bone and BMP are inserted into an incision we make in the new bone. It promotes growth’, Ivan answered patiently, I think there may have been a slight eye roll in there… 🙄.

‘So…’ I began, again pondering my next “what if” question. ‘No. Actually don’t worry. Let’s just worry about it when/if I need to have a bone graft’.

Have you ever seen a physical ‘thank god for that’ response?  Well I think Ivan had that… 

Ivan then suggested we measure the differences between my legs using wooden blocks. Just as a couple were put in place I began explaining my ability to “walk” and then moved off to demonstrate. I soon realised that I was in a conversation with myself and I stopped. 

‘Oh. So we can’t measure the difference?’ 

‘No ..’ Ivan responded. 

‘Bugger. Why is that? You want to wait until I’ve done more physio?’ 

‘No just till you stop trying to walk around my office’ he responded dead pan. Haha god I must be a specialists worst nightmare!

Following Ivan’s appointment we headed back into our old stomping ground in Brisbane to meet up with a dear friend Leah and her lovely husband Craig who were up from Adelaide. We have not seen each other in at least 5yrs.

We were first work colleagues about 18yrs ago however became great friends and together we’ve lived through many fabulous and equally terrible times!  It did make me laugh when Craig explained he could see why walking to and from the ferry together in Bulimba would’ve been no issue for me – as the footpath is so uneven! I explained I never used the footpath I used to walk in the gutter – it’s the perfect build up (true story😉)!

It was a great way to end a day with true friends.. I was gifted a beautiful bottle of French bubbles to pop when I get the frame off – but I hope I get to share it with them when next they visit Queensland! 

You have no idea how long these photos took.. not the one with Craig, more the ones with Leah and I.. it went a bit like ‘sit here, oh I need lip gloss… can you make it a good angle? Oh dear, I look pregnant. Stand up. Oh no I’ve got my glasses on. Ok that’s it we’re done.. it doesn’t matter.’
So now I just wait and cross my fingers that next month more bone has grown else that champagne may have a short life.


2 thoughts on “Gifted.

  1. Leah

    Rosie we had the best time catching up yesterday. We might not have seen each other for a few years but it felt just like yesterday – that’s friendship. We will do everything to be able to share the champagne with you xxx.

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