Fabulous five..

This week has been a blur. I actually didn’t think I would have much to share – but of course there’s always something… in fact here’s five fabulous highlights of my week.

1. I went along to the local Gympie races – initially I didn’t want to because well truth be told no one wants to see a chick on crutches stack it on the lawn (is she drunk? maybe.. maybe not)! However of course I behaved, was flanked by support crew and seated in a marquee it was all very civilised.

This photo is with two beautiful friends (Tracy and Lori)- the photo was taken not long after a gentleman approached ne to let me know that i had an ants nest on my foot! Yes it was enbarassing but I managed to laugh at lot at myself (once I had slapped all of those suckers off).


2. In exciting news my butt cheeks are working again! Physiotherapy has shown me how incredible muscle memory is,  in one week I have managed to master exercises that in the beginning of the week seemed impossible. Seriously I would lie in my tummy trying to will my heel into the air – but my butt just could not engage to lift my leg! Fast forward 7days and I’m smashing them –  it’s not pretty but it’s happening!

3.  The bend in my knee has now been reduced from 30degrees to 20degrees (in just one week!!) and I’m able to walk placing full weight on my leg (while supported by the crutches). Again it is not pretty.. it looks slow and awkward and if I was to be perfectly honest I feel like there is still such a discrepancy between my legs. Primarily this is because my knee is still not straight and I have this whole posture issue which is mostly caused by me leaning on crutches and rotating my leg and foot into the centre of my body – I think in the early days I did this so I wouldn’t knock it on anything.. now it’s just a bad habit! I also need to look up while attempting to walk not down. Anyway early days and as always I am my worse critic!

This shot was taken from a video Mum took – we need to do a little bit if work on those skills.. 😳😜 BUT yes i do look this awkward trying to walk at the moment!


4. In one of my first posts I spoke about my real fear of morphing into ‘fat bastard’- of course this didn’t happen initially as I lost a lot of condition immediately following surgery. However this week with everyone away at Pony Club Camp, Mum and I set the challenge to dine out every night. By the fourth night the risk was very real…

Jellina (my sister), Mum and I after devouring Japanese – seriously difficulf to find a photo with our mouths not mid movement!


5. I thought I would share a couple of emails that I received this week that made me both laugh and cry (I have not identified the senders and I hope they don’t mind that I am sharing – I just loved them both).

This ‘date claimer’ had me laughing out loud – this certain friend and colleague is such an exaggerator 😜

Every week things are changing so fast. I feel so strong now but I am impatient.

So damn impatient.

I cannot wait to walk, run, ride a bike, get back to work – the list goes on.  I end up overwhelming myself and feel the old dreaded pang of anxiety.. I get so far ahead of myself I forget the present.

So to quote Cookie Monster: ‘today me live in the present, unless it’s unpleasant then me eat cookie’.

Actually no. No I won’t eat cookie – 😶.


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