FINALLY 16 weeks and 4 days following surgery I can say.. that’s it.  I’m done. Today  signals the end of my leg extension.  

Incredible really to think that having survived just over 4mths of living with the Ilizarov frame extending my tibia that today we’ve decided… no more.

These thirty ratty A4 pages detail the programmed Ilizarov strut adjustments, totalling in excess of 1000 ‘clicks’!! I am not sad to say goodbye to them – they represent a lot of difficult days, tears and pain. However they also represent growth and for that reason more than any other I could not throw them out.

So that is it. There will be no further lengthening of my leg – what I have gained through this process that Ivan has so beautifully managed is what I will be ‘running’ with.. 😉. Funny enough I have been pretty hung up on the length gained each week, so today as Ivan reviewed the new X-rays,  I asked him what growth we had achieved and he hesitated with his response, ‘ah It looks to be just over 6cms..’  

Well I just..I just… registered that this is a mere 0.3mm more than last Friday and I had a  ‘WTF is with these measurements?’ moment (out loud again).

However the difference this week is that I think I have finally turned a corner that I didn’t think I would… ever.

It is the ‘whatever‘ corner.. You see right then and there I decided it did not matter if I got another 0.3mm or 0.5mm or 0mm. 

Physically and mentally I’m done. Really. This is it.

My leg has to be about 11.5cm longer (or there abouts).. it certainly looks longer and once I start physio next week (really hoping the bloke has thick skin!!) I will start to see/feel what it’s like to truly have that extra length.

You may think I could be disappointed that I haven’t made the full 12.5cm. However I’ve said it before and I said it again to Ivan today.. ‘This was never about chasing perfection, I don’t care for that. I just want my leg to be longer‘.. and it is… SIGNIFICANTLY! 

I have achieved what I set out to do,  the leg length is there.. it is now about the all important part – growing the  bone to fill the massive void that has been left!

Big thanks to the Apple ios10 update that has allowed me to draw all over my photos. The orange line highlights the area vacant of bone in my lower leg.
Tomorrow I start a new daily routine that requires me to hook up the exogen ultrasound to my leg. At 7am for the next 150 mornings I have a program that will run for 20 minutes on my lower leg. Now while my health fund (HCF) did not offer a thing towards subsidising this device –  I don’t care! I think it will be completely worth it.. The purpose? It is clinically proven to speed up the bodies natural bone healing process. I am crossing my fingers that this will mean less time spent wearing the Ilizarov frame in the long run ( 4-8wks even!!).
So that leads us to the inevitable question, ‘How much longer now?‘. The answer? I have no idea. 

A quick late lunch to raise a glass to no expectations, no timeframes and no more ‘clicks’.

I hope it is sooner but it might be later. 


11 thoughts on “Done.

  1. Jo Capp

    Wonderful news Rosie. Reid had an Exogen too. We thought it was great! Weight bearing(when possible) it the fastest way to grow that bone. It is amazing. Reid is now playing basketball!!

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