Big news. 

It’s been FOUR months since my operation and at my appointment with Ivan (Dr Astori) yesterday I honestly sat there with a silly grin on my face most of the time – I don’t even think I swore!  Possibly a first.

You see the X-rays showed that my tibia is now 5.9cm longer (I know I know after all of my carrying on last week – appears the measurements were a little off!!

Meaning….. I have officially hit 11cm in additional leg length.  

I can’t believe it. I have one week of extensions to go.

It is surreal as while I can see that my leg has grown.. I am not using it, so it doesn’t seem real. That is all about to change! After next week I can start physio on my knee and begin to work on weight bearing  – I can’t imagine that it will be fun.. but every physio session is going to be getting me closer to walking again.

At this stage though the frame won’t be off until approx May 2017 😩 -4 months of lengthening requires twice that period of time for the bone to consolidate!

Ivan suggested I hire an EXOGEN machine which is an ultrasound device that I can bring home and apply to my leg for 20mins a day to speed up the bone healing time. So next Friday I’ll bring that baby home! 

Of course I have (possibly unrealistic) expectations  that I am going to heal really quickly and get this frame off months before I’m meant too… 😜 however after Ivan described the events that can occur with early removal of the device – like the bone just bending or fracturing when you walk on it… I’m prepared to wait (just not quietly!)

In other very exciting news! I can get the Ilizarov frame WET!!  

I was chatting to a man at the shopping centre (as I do) he had previously had a frame and spoke of his only pleasures being showering and swimming!!!

‘With your leg wrapped in a bag?’, I had asked. 

‘No after the first couple of weeks I never bagged it’ he responded.   

What the…. news to me!! So I checked with Ivan and yep this baby can get wet!

Now I am not sure if I was meant to know this months ago – 😳 bummer if I was ha..  –  either way YAY no more plastic bags taped onto my leg before every shower!! 

Not only do I no longer need to bag my leg before a shower…  I can have a bath!!

Up there with some of the best moments in my life was the feeling I had as I immersed myself into a hot Epsom salt filled bath last night..the weightlessness of the frame on my leg in the bath was deadset BLISS.
As we head into the hot and sticky Queensland summer knowing that I can get into the pool to cool off AND that I will be able to capitalise on the buoyancy you have in a pool to exercise my leg as I get stronger – well it is just brilliant! 
In the meantime if you’re looking for me I’ll be in the bath…


6 thoughts on “Legs ELEVEN…

  1. Tracey Horton

    That’s so fantastic Rosie, I’m so happy for you! And isn’t it true about the simple pleasures? Who would’ve thought you could get so excited about a shower or a bath??!! πŸ™‚
    It must be so good to know the extension period is nearly over and you can start working on getting that bone stronger. May will be here before you know it and then there’ll be nothing on earth to slow you down ever again xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much Tracey!
      Honestly getting into the bath last night I couldn’t stop squealing!! Haha. I was loving myself! Apparently things settle right down once the extension period is done and dusted so I hope the consolidation becomes a period where everything is more bearable! I feel like I’m at the starting blocks waiting for the gun to go off… You’re right nothing will slow me down like this again I hope xxx


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