Green alternatives

This week I decided to get off my wasted butt and find some ‘alternative’ help healing in addition to the scientific support I receive.

Arriving home from visiting Ivan and having increased the lengthening to 1mm per day (as opposed to 0.7mm) I knew that this extra 0.3mm (while it doesn’t sound like much) would be a stretch (excuse the pun) for both my lower leg and my ‘crunching’ knee. Potentially exacerbating my knee issues to the point of no return. I felt genuinely concerned about my leg holding out for the weeks of lengthening I still have to go!

I spent the first few days trying to be still(er), if that’s even possible, so lots more time with my leg up 😫 and trying to reduce the amount of time I was crutching around.  Ultimately minimising the risk to my knee dislocating from the weighty frame hanging off the lower part of my leg.

By day 3 of the increased turns my knee was feeling the worst it has since I began the process and I have to admit I was feeling nervous. Each night sharp pain in and around my knee was causing me to wake with any sudden movement in my sleep. The crunching as I bent my leg (basically because my knee cap is not sitting in the correct ‘groove’ …) was getting worse.  During these days I made the decision that if my knee was to dislocate then that is it.. no more lengthening.

I will pull up stumps. This process has stripped so much of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength I don’t want to take much more.

So.. I decided I would turn to our online friend Dr Google to see if there was any suggestions for my unsupported knee (I know I know I’m meant to be banned from researching ailments..). However Dr Google had the goods!

I found a few cracking ‘strapping’ videos that provided detailed instruction on how to strap a knee to better support my patella (kneecap). So I set off to track down the rock tape (apparently it lives under Lilli’s bed, with a plethora of homeless socks, cords and a novel or two 😱) and then simply followed the YouTube instructions! 😜

Ta daaaa!! What a difference rock tape has made – the very first night I slept for 4hrs straight – the first time I’ve slept that long in a fair while.

Who would have thought that little bit of tape could do so much??

Now while it was still horribly ‘crunchy’ when it bent it definitely felt more supported and I felt more confident to get back out and about a little more.

It’s funny because the entire time I have been on crutches I have been super careful, always taking notice of the ground I’m travelling on and risks associated with water or slippery surfaces. Unfortunately over the weekend in the laundry I left my ‘careful’ at the door and my crutch slipped on a tile and I had my first ‘incident’. It gave me a real fright.  Out of spontaneous reflex  I ended up fully weight bearing on my left leg to try and save myself . I felt something move in my leg as I placed my full body weight on my framed tibia for the first time since the operation. I felt sick to my core with relief that my knee was strapped and the movement I felt wasn’t dislocation.

I iced it up and woke the next day to somewhat of a miracle.. I’m not sure what I had done.. but the crunching was completely gone and to be honest my leg just felt better! It still does right now.

Appears the near disaster has possible worked in my favour – everything happens for a reason hey?

I have been on a roll on this road to finding some alternate support. I also went off to an Iridologist! He was incredibly interesting and obviously identified that my entire internal system has been very affected as a result of the operations, drugs etc (makes sense).

I did have a laugh when he told me my eyes are actually blue 😳😳 lol – the brown is apparentky inherited toxins from generations before me! Big thanks to my parents and grandparents it seems!

Do not fear though as what I lack in ‘inner health’ I have in  constitution! Apparently I have silky eyes and an incredible constitution to manage what is going on!

Anyway what this boils down to is my beloved English Breakfast tea has been sidelined (temporarily I hope!)..  I am brewing and drinking a concoction of herbs that our horses would be desperate to get their noses into..

Dried parsley, Alfalfa, Calendula, Comfrey, Tulsi leaves, Ginkgo Biloba and Wormwood – it is ok with lemon added but I am eternally grateful that I am still allowed a coffee a day!

I have a couple of hideous potions and chalky tablets to chew, a natural valerian free sleeping tablet and I’m to drink two green juices a day.

The juice is actually delicious and contains so much goodness I shall soon be converting sunlight through photosythesis myself!!

After my first day I slept for 5hrs overnight and woke for the first time without a metallic taste in my mouth.

This may have been as a result of sheer exhaustion from having to drink so much green liquid teas / juices and visiting the ladies 100 times.. OR maybe the early positive effects of my alternate prescriptions.

We will soon see.

I’m off to see Ivan this Friday and I am not telling him.


14 thoughts on “Green alternatives

  1. Hi Rosie,
    I remember you and your lovely family from Pony Club days (long time ago). I was impressed then by what a little goer you were (on and off your pony) and still am! I have been following the highs and lows of your journey. I’m pleased to hear the Iridologist was a help. Who did you see? I’m praying that things continue to get better for you through this incredible process and wish you every good thing. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really Vicki is Ward your maiden name? Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope I’m can keep being a ‘goer’ to get through this process! It certainly feeling like a very long road at the moment! I saw Ben Kashi he works throughout the Sunshine Coast, he came highly recommended. Thanks for your beautiful wishes I’m looking forward to the day I can say this is all done and dusted! Xxxx


      1. Ah yes!! You lived up behind nanna Sullivan on Waldock Rd?!!isnt it funny there’s so many of us around AND I’m now back at the Gympie pony club with my own girls! History repeats! Thank you for saying hi – I really love hearing from people 😊😗


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