Sit still and listen..

Well this past week has seen me getting out a whole lot more. Actually I am feeling quite social and I have to say it is great. I like it. I haven’t had to travel to Brisbane which has been nice (I’m back to the specialist on Monday).  All seems to be going well, my knee is sore but I think it can last a little longer – keep your fingers crossed!

So anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on being with people and socialising, I have genuinely missed it the most over the past 13wks. So now that I am up to getting out and about a little more there is just the one issue I slow everyone down! A quick trip to town is no longer ‘quick’ – because now I want to go too! Organising myself and the things I need (like my BYO foot stool wherever I go), getting to the car, loading the crutches etc etc it all takes valuable time in the general rush to get the kids to school on time, etc.

In addition to my weekly trip to Brisbane, I’m up for a few ‘quick’ trips to town to have coffee, go to the chemist, the butcher or the fruit/veggie shop. Nothing that registers on anyone else’s ‘excitement Richter scale’ but it does on mine!  It is just so good to leave the house. We all take for granted the basic freedom of coming and going as we please. I promise that I never will again.

Once at my destination,  I do get a lot of stares. I don’t mind though as the frame does look really interesting – I still stare at myself at times too.

There’s also the pedestrian banter about me as I approach people on my crutches,  ‘Gee I’d hate to see the other fella‘, ‘Step back, step back let ‘er through’ and the odd ‘Bloody hell love that looks painful!‘ but my favourite is the whispers from one partner to the other or a mother to child/children ‘….now watch out, watch what you’re doing!  See the lady on crutches . Careful. BE careful… or else you’re going to run into the lady on the crutches!’

It’s hard not to see the funny side, particularly as the person instructing (and those being  instructed) are usually NOWHERE near a collision course with me!  People just get a little nervous it seems which I totally understand.. I have actually decided wearing shorts and crossing my legs doesn’t help my cause either…

Ok so crossing my legs doesn’t quite work like it used to… old habits die hard! Actually its bloody uncomfortable anyway.

Last week while leisurely crutching the aisles of a bottle shop I saw a mother a little reminiscent of myself years ago…she was pushing a trolley in the bottle shop with her two young girls sitting on the bottom rung of the trolley, the top level beginning to fill with wine bottles . The youngest of her daughters looked all of about 2-3yrs old and she was busy.. she was on and off the trolley, running around her mother and generally making us all feel a little nervous about the precariously balanced  wine bottle displays on the corner of each aisle.  Her mum spoke to her in the hushed aggressive tones of a woman who needed to pop the top off one of those bottles (now!)  I couldn’t help but glance in her direction and overhear the angry whispered mum voice telling her to ‘sit still and settle down’ as I perused the same section of the aisle…
Next minute I hear the little one who has been busy, busy, busy.. Screech to a halt!!.  ‘Uh oh – oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness… Oh LOOOKKK!!’ in the cutest little voice the 2-3yr old was poking her older sister who was quietly sitting under her mother’s wine bottle stash on the trolley – doing the right thing .. ‘Ummmma look at the ladies steel leg’ she said.

I wasn’t looking but I did immediately giggle.

“It is a very big cage around my leg isn’t it?”, I turned and said to little miss busy  – who was no longer skittering around,  it seems I had settled the ants in her pants.

‘Why you got that on your leg?’ she asked quietly.. I had just opened my mouth to give my usual spiel… but the wine deprived mum jumped in before I got a chance to respond…

‘You know how she got that?? She got that from doing silly things and not listening!! That’s how she got that’ … 

Hahaha seriously give this woman a drink.. a therapeutic glass of ANYTHING.

The little girl looked at me – her eyes bulging!

Biting my lip to stop the smile and slowly nodding… ‘Yes I wouldn’t sit still in the trolley either…’ I said as I glanced to her mum and then at my leg.. At that point the mum’s face went pale and she realised what she had just blurted out. Her face was horrified and as she was about to offer some explanation as to why she thought I’d been doing silly things and not listening… Ha.

‘Seriously don’t….It is all good!! Whatever works for you…’, I laughed as I waved it off. Actually it was a refreshing detour from my usual explanations.

Funny thing is any other time she might have been right!


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