This morning we headed off on our all too familiar weekly adventure to see Ivan (Dr Astori).  Today my lovely sister-in-law Leanne was the driver and made sure we made the obligatory stop at the ‘Fabulous Forest Glen’ bakery for much needed coffee ❤️ and donut treats… our trips are such a social outing now that I’m sure others wish they could come too (… Jellina 😛)!

I sit in the back seat, legs across the back propped up on sheepskins, pillows and blankets… I’m not sure its so necessary anymore BUT it sure makes for a comfy and cozy trip 😜

Today I received some big news… after 12 weeks and 3 days of the most extreme experience of my life I can finally say that I have hit double digits in length!

Yes…my left leg is now TEN centimetres longer than when I began my story in May!! If you don’t have a ruler the below picture is pretty close to this actual length ..(give or take  –  not sure if the image compressed😜!).. Isn’t it amazing that not only a whole lot of bone has grown this length but a hell of a lot of tissue, tendon and muscle has stretched also in (the longest) 3 months!

Funny enough as I mentioned in my blog earlier this week i haven’t really been able to’see’ the length gained.. maybe I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, or the good because I was so immersed in the bad, but this past week as the pain has lifted it’s become so evident just how close I am to achieving my desired length.

‘What is your desired length?’, I hear you ask.. I have an honest and kind of pathetic answer (considering what I’ve been through this past 3 months).  I am not sure. 😳

I wanted it to be longer than it was (obviously) but I was never aiming to achieve the full 12.5cm length discrepancy (don’t want to be perfect and all that… lol😜)!

Seriously, I always had 10cm in mind.  So what happens now that I’m at 10cm!?! Well as is human nature you get the taste of something you like and… you want more! I can finally see the length. I want more.

It is ONLY 2.5cm holding me back from no longer having a leg length discrepancy! (Although remember equal does not mean perfect… my knee will see to that!)

So, is this wrong?

Maybe, but my pain is manageable and I feel good so while that’s the case I’m going to give it 100% and if Ivan thinks I can get another 1 or 2centimetres…. I’m lining up.

I have come this far..  I’ve lived through pain that I never thought I would survive and emotions that have felt all consuming! I have received the love and support of businesses, strangers, friends (new and old) and family that I will never forget. Every outstretched hand, offer of support or encouraging message has been genuinely read, felt and loved – and bought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

I keep foolishly grabbing at possible end dates – realistically it will be September sometime now that I finish extending my leg.. but honestly does it matter?!. Today I asked Ivan when he thought the frame might be removed from my leg. He was quick to remind me that the frame needs to remain on for twice the period of extension.

Sooooo that has me taking this goddamn frame off in February 2017 😟😫🙃.. ‘Mmn so that’s for ordinary people.. what about me? I may have some kind of miraculous bone healing powers?’ I suggested to Ivan tongue in cheek.

I’ve said it before (similar response), ‘No you won’t. It will take twice the time it has taken to extend’, he responded dead pan.

So… It’s both awesome and really shitty. Almost done after a longer period than expected to extend my leg…and now what feels like a lifetime left to live in this clunky frame!

Enough to drive a woman to drink 😜

Like kids in a lolly shop (aka bottleshop)…

It is what it is.. the timeframes can’t be changed so I’m rolling with it.  I will be running in that frame before Feb 2017 (or at least walking really fast😜).


14 thoughts on “Friyay

  1. Jann

    Congrats Rosie on reaching 10cm! Absolutely amazing. And if you can go through what you have over the last three months, you’ll blitz having to wear the frame for longer!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is amazing. The old cliche’ “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” applies here. Have absolutely loved following your journey and whats another month or two in the big scheme of things? It will be so worth it in the end. Hang in there Rosie, you’ve got this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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