It’s hard to complain with a head full of thanks… I think.

In the wee hours of this morning after a night of tossing and turning I found myself silently complaining.  My back is sore. My butt is sore. I wish I could walk to the toilet. I’m sick of crutches. The list could go on and on.

As a result I decided I needed a big virtual slap as a reminder that there’s a whole lot of  things (albeit they are random) for which I can be thankful, like:

My feet are now so soft..  baby soft! There’s no rough skin in sight!! Apparently that’s what happens when 18-20hrs of every day is spent with them up for 3mths!

I can still kind of shave around my pin sites when I was told it would be near impossible! It may have the effect of a mangy dog BUT hey it can be done.

A bit of a patch work quilt! On a side note.. the red scar on my shin is a little like the soft spot on a babies head at the moment, with no bone under the skin! It is a little weird 😳


I get the entire bed to myself every night –  although sometimes the cat sneaks in and sometime Stella does too (and I don’t mind one bit💕)

Awww 😻😻

It really doesn’t matter if I am awake throughout the night and cannot manage to get back off to sleep. I make a cup of tea, eat dark chocolate and stay awake for a few hours reading (or watching the Olympics)! I am not going to work tomorrow, it’s no stress I will catchup.

I have seen the sun rise more than I have ever in my life.. It’s a really nice way to start the day (ok maybe I would prefer to be asleep!)

It is not a bad view to wake up to..

I am comfortable. Things were a whole lot worse only a matter of weeks ago. The pressure and swelling in my leg has been released. I can straighten my leg so much more than ever before and the pain has generally lifted. I am barely taking any medication which means I can drink wine! 🍷yahoo!

Online shopping. Is the best.  I shop from the comfort of home – even from local stores – AND there is nothing quite like receiving a parcel in the mail!

Finally, my leg is getting REALLY long! I’ve honestly just noticed how long it has got again. Yesterday I took a photo of my legs and I was surprised! I am by no means finished the lengthening, a little while to go yet.. but hey I’m getting close.

So whole it’s not pretty (I never said I wanted perfection just length) and my knee is not the best.. I am still stoked! (👠slipper cred: Liza😀)


Ok. That was not so hard after all.

There is so much to be thankful for once we scratch the surface.🙏


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