Long story short..

Yesterday’s operation was successful and apart from expected post-op pain, primarily from the released achilles, I’m feeling pretty good.

Pre-surgery paper pant selfie! Who says one size fits all.. might need soe pins xx!!

Things almost took a very different turn when it was strongly suggested by Ivan (Dr Astori) that I have an additional frame fitted above my knee and two new pin sites created😱 They would be attached to the existing frame to keep my leg straight and avoid the very real risk of dislocating my knee. This was a good 10min discussion that had me feeling very clammy, as you can imagine this was not my favoured option!😱

It was decided that instead of this we would slow down the extension and nurse my tibia and knee joint through the final weeks.  Now to make sure the knee keeps it  together.. God knows when I will ever finish the extension phase!  (possibly finishing 30 August – not that I’m getting my hopes up..) 

The most exciting thing overnight apart from having the Olympics to watch all night – which I did 😴💤 – was the immediate noticeable improvement in being able to straighten my leg using my dodgy knee!

Bandaged up a fter the achilles release, frame is no longer rubbing.

Onwards and upwards! 


13 thoughts on “Long story short..

  1. Donnamaree

    I’m behind the times! I thought your op was next Monday! Now I’m caught up and so relieved to know it is all over and you have some relief in the pain around your knee, and you are back on the road to recovery once again xxx

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  2. God Rosie! A lesser person would have ripped the mechanical nightmare out weeks ago (about the time your poor Mum was nursing you when you were in so much pain that you cried yourself to sleep). To have had so many highs and lows must have left you feeling totally depleted at times. Here you are climbing back up the hill AGAIN almost at the finishing line. We are all sooo excited for, and so very proud of you. For myself, you make me feel like the worlds biggest sook. I cry AND smile WITH you with each blog. Big hug and much love.

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    1. Oh Di please do not fear there have been many days I could have pulled this damn frame off my leg and thrown it away… But the fact that in so damn close to the end of the road I feel like its achievable I’ve just got to make it now!! I too am a huge sook.. crying through most blog posts I write and through the majority of this journey to be honest! I will need a new set of tear ducts for Christmas 😜. Thanks for your love and support xxxx


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