Top 5 fab things that happened today!

Ok the top five fabulous things that happened in my travels today:

1. Ivan has confirmed this will be my FINAL week using the Precice Nail! Seven more days of whirs and then no more M markings ! Yahoo.. AND only another two (maybe three) weeks  max of turns on the Ilizarov Frame. Hopefully lengthening will be done and dusted by 12 August! So yay.. I have a ‘SORT OF/MAYBE’ end of lengthening date! 

Not a moment to soon as the M is starting to look a little tacky… (art by Stella)

2. My lifelong school friend Lizzie is going to be working for Ivan effective August!! How goddamn awesome and what a small world!  I will get to see my fave specialist and my beautiful friend each week – win/win!  My advice to her is that she will need to be good at passing tissues.  Today I sat silently crying in the waiting room. Why?! No idea really…sad, tired, sore, sick of everything, fragile, weak, overwhelmed, the non life threatening list could go on. I have her guarantee to be an awesome tissue passer. 

Our unique friendship has seem some significant orthopaedic surgery shared….

3. My beautiful sister-in-law Leanne drove us to Brisbane AND did something that no one else is brave enough to do…. she drove me through tunnels – I survived (however did not enjoy it..)

…nek minnit in a TUNNEL!!!

4. Cheers. I had a big glass of white wine with today’s support crew to celebrate the end being nigh/today being Friday/ life. It was so good we couldn’t even get a decent photo. 

5. My sister is ridiculous and she makes me laugh.. Now that is something to celebrate  ðŸ’•


How easy it was to find 5 things to be grateful for.. even when it seems there’s little to be grateful for.. there is always something. ❤️


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