I have been asked a few times why I don’t write more blogs each week by my JTTS friends. Truth is, everyday I would love to sit down and write a blog (it’s passes time in the most pleasurable way..) but something stops me, something like oh I don’t know.. I have nothing interesting to talk about?! There’s not a whole lot of daily excitement in my life. 

Seriously the highlights of my day are (in order of priority) the strong hot English Breakfast tea I have on waking, a long hot shower, managing to catch some winter sunshine, watching a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black! While on that subject anyone else watching/seen the series? It’s no Game of Thrones but I like it alot!

 I’m fairly sure with those highlights I may bore you all to tears.. As I am sure I am boring myself to tears at times!!   

When I explain the daily monotony I am experiencing most people are quick to offer helpful suggestions  like arts, crafts and television series!  I can honestly say I have tried most of the suggestions. I’ve completed crosswords, picked up incomplete novels (and started new ones), started two tv series and I’ve been doing some sketching – I know don’t laugh! 

As a kid I often sat in the paddock and drew the cattle… so this sketch is a flashback. It is therapeutic to put pencil to paper. I have now moved on to sketching Stella – she is looking a lot like cookie monster at the moment!!

I have sooo many things to occupy myself with but I think being ‘occupied’ is my issue… Like most working mums I had a genuinely busy life working in my Brisbane based role with Qld Health, I travelled regularly and had long days, and with Lilli and Stella involved in various school activities/sports/horses and Mark working away it was rare to have a full day at home and I cannot tell you when it last happened prior to my operation.

I was like a mouse on a spinning wheel, happily racing at a constant crazy pace.  Surgery took away my spinning wheel (and leg/s). Everything just stopped. I am now helpless and reliant and ‘occupied’.. 

I attempt to be useful at times to help pass my day.. I do all of the turns and maintenance required on the Ilizarov frame I have even learnt how to tighten the nuts/bolts attached to the struts as they get loose and a bit rattley.  

It’s kind of like being a mechanic! Albeit a really basic one.  I get out my spanner snd routinely service my frame! Today I noticed that one strut was particularly ‘rattly’. I tightened all nuts around my leg and finally got to the noisy strut that was awkwardly located under my calf.

 I tightened and tightened and tightened until – Oh Sh@t the bolt fell out!  My heart stopped! ‘Oh my gooooddd..’ I exhaled in disbelief, ‘I’ve just dismantled my frame’! I was waiting for it to fall in pieces onto the bed.. I balanced on one butt cheek while holding my calf up so I could  get to the strut that I had inadvertently disassembled!

Seems I am good at Meccano after all!! All back together..
Perhaps a sign that I should leave it to the professionals… and get back to doing important things.

Like…Growing bone.

And the big news there is that after I read the radiologist report from X-rays taken today… I can confirm that my left leg has now grown 7.8cm longer in total since my operation on 24 May. A M A Z I N G. 

Explains my discomfort and inability to answer a straight question like ‘How are you?’  without my eyes welling up with tears… there’s a lot going on. 

Off to the specialist tomorrow! Watch this space.. Xx


16 thoughts on “Occupied

  1. marypaschko

    We all dream of having free time to read or draw or catch up on tv – just be free to do what ever we want – until we get it – and especially in circumstances like yours where the free time makes you feel lost.
    And whatever you write is enjoyable – so write whenever and whatever – and we’ll all be here.
    And the bone growth – AWESOME!

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  2. Orange is the new black I’ve watched EVRY SINGLE EPISODE Rosy At first it shocked and confronted me, then I got into it seriously and got addicted watching back to back even season 4 thats not yet in Australia I believe. (I watched that while away on holidays).

    Fascinating insight into how humans are so human and how circumstances can alter your life in a flash.

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  3. You are doing so well Rosie😊 Your strength, courage and determination is truly admirable! Your ability to still see brightness in the dark times is amazing! I love reading your posts, and more so seeing that your bonds with your Mum and Jellina are still solid as ever! I am so lucky to have you all as friends for so many years, even though we may not see each other often, we seems to be able to pick up where we left off.
    Keep up the great reports on your progress…..you are a champion πŸ’œ

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  4. Susan

    Loved the drawing and not a carrot in sight how do you do that… oh yes I remember your a smart ass. Using the creative side of the brain is an important part of healing so continue with the drawing and we can have an art auction at the end to help pay for the copious amounts of champagne to be drunk in celebration.

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  5. Di

    OMG… Step away from the spanner sister!!!! The pictures of mechano gone wrong are flashing in my mind… Eek!!! Seriously… I can’t believe 7.8… That is amazing… You rock, but put the spanner down πŸ™„πŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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