Climbing the final stages of my Tour de France…. in full briefs!

Warning – this post may contain way too much information {including underwear (mine) on display}

Since my operation I have spent a lot of time lying on my back and butt and I have to say, as someone who does not sit around a lot, it has been a real struggle mentally and physically (I just can’t get comfortable!).  I introduced an egg shell mattress topper last week, which has been life changing in helping with the general numbness and discomfort my butt has felt (thanks Nic), however my undies continue to bug me. 

Without going into a whole lot of detail, since high school I have always found full briefs a tad uncomfortable, so I don’t have any in my underwear drawers.. but last week the time came to transition! 

‘Mum, when you’re in town next would you mind picking me up some new undies? I just can’t stand mine anymore…’, I asked in the melodramatic way that I seem to ask for everything at the moment, right before mum headed home last Friday. 

‘Sure love I’ll have a look for you over the weekend’, she replied ‘what sort?’

‘Oh anything that has a butt in them,  a full brief I suppose (?!), as long as I can lie around in them more comfortably I honestly don’t care!’

I never thought another thing of it until Sunday night when mum arrived for the week ahead with a bag overflowing with beige and white goodness! 

‘I picked you up some undies on the weekend’ she said as she pulled out 6 pair of the biggest knickers that I have ever seen! 

I could not help but giggle ‘Oh my lord WHAT ARE THEY?’ I stated loudly enough that the girls came to have a look and then also began to giggle…

Oh well don’t wear them, I’ll take them back its no issue‘ mum said in that tone that even now reminded me I was being an ungrateful child!

‘No, no they’ll be fine mum!! Beggars can’t be choosers.. look I’m only lying around in them – AND you never know I might even discover that I like them!’.

So as it happens my schedule early this week was kind of busy with appointments including a trip to the specialist on Tuesday! This would be the inaugural outing for my new knickers as I figured they would be super comfy for the car trip and it’s not like  anyone would be seeing them. 

So I pulled on that mountain of material and I have to say.. they felt good!

As Murphy’s law would have it Ivan (Dr Astori) decided Tuesday would be the day he would have a good look at my hips and see how my left femur was sitting.. 

Yep you go it… Dress around my waist in my white nanna knickers! 🙈🙈 I know he couldn’t have cared less however a little part of me hesitated as I hoisted my skirt up… though the rest of me is at that point that it just doesn’t matter! That’s the part hollering ‘lets grow this leg and get outta here’!  

Please note there is no intention to cause offence to full brief wearers, as I think I could be a convert… once I get them up they are pretty comfy, albeit big!
The ‘W’ you see on my leg in the picture above is actually an ‘M’ so I don’t forget where the ‘Precice Nail’ magnet is.. the mottled markings are burns from the heat packs that live on my leg all day most days..
THE highlight of my visit was the moment Ivan announced my left leg was now  5.8cm longer than it was previously  WOW (embarrassing undies moment forgotten)!!

Yahoo!! I was so pleased.. and Ivan knew it. He gave me a moment to enjoy the growth we’ve managed before swiftly introducing the reality that by no means is it a downhill run from here.  

The crushing analogy given by Ivan was that my last month (or so) will be like the final mountainous stages of the Tour de France!  UPHILL and winding the rest of the way! Awesome! He sure knows how to bring a girl back to reality. 

The thing is he is right – of course.  As felt yesterday afternoon when sobbing with pain for an hour as my poor mum tried to find me comfort in the form of more heat packs (because I only had about SIX on me at that time!) I know it’s not going to get any easier..I’m just not sure how I’ll manage as it gets harder!!

Find more strength? Cry more?  Or just take comfort from whatever works..

Yesterday afternoon that comfort did not come from medication or heat packs, but from my mum patting me on the back like she used to when I was sick as a little kid.. Kind of embarrassing to admit it but I cried myself to sleep as mum shushed and patted me. 

So yesterday I learnt that sometimes on the toughest of days it might only be raw love that can get you through. ❤️


20 thoughts on “Climbing the final stages of my Tour de France…. in full briefs!

  1. Craig Tobin

    Hi Rosie
    Get through however you need to.
    Everyone knows how much you help others when they need it and now it’s your turn! 5.8 cm is amazing…
    Lean on everyone you can, wear whatever you bloody well want and post whatever gives you a giggle, including that hot air balloon masquerading as a pair of knickers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it is pretty incredibly hey! No wonder I’m tripping over myself lately!
      I’m still gob smacked that this is happening… all pretty quickly too (except when you’re living it..then it actually feels like F’ing forever)!
      Lol.. Perfect description for my knickers… Haha. Hope you’re taking care my friend! Xx


  2. Kathrine

    Wonderful news about your 5.8cms!
    I agree – do what you need to do 🙂

    Sounds like you have a family that loves you very much – I’m sure it meant the world to your mum to comfort you the way she did – just like old times hey?

    You’ve got a big cheer squad out here too!

    You’re amazing ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kathrine Parmenter

    You are doing well Rosie ! 5.8cm is amazing !
    you just keep doing what ever it is that will get you through !!

    Love reading your updates

    Take care !

    (2 comments above mine – I have never come across another Kathrine – spelt the same way as mine. I looked at it and thought I don’t remember posting already lol)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Leah

    Sometimes I read your wonderful blog and I cry, sometimes I giggle and there have been burst of loud laughing but every time I am in awe of your bravery and courage. You are inspirational and 5.8″ is amazing. Can’t wait to see you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I go through the exact same range of emotions writing them my friend… It’s pretty crazy that much length has been gained already!! I honestly cannot wait to hit the final millimetres…. Can’t wait to see you too darling xx


  5. Trish Tanks

    Laughed and cried as I read your blog. I just wish that I could be there at the celebrations when
    your tough journey ends. That is going to be a humdinger of a celebration. Oh, and u must absolutely wear those white panties. I want photos of the “show and tell”
    What an example you are to your daughters. They will be such strong women. They will know they can endure anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe we will need to do a trip to Townsville in 2017 ❤️ .. Oh yes the undies will be special treasures I’m sure they’ll get flashed around plenty (if I’ve got anything to do with it!!)… What you say about being an example to my daughters means so much to me, more than any other outcome to be honest.. I hope and pray they will be strong willed, capable resilient young woman in the future! Love you Trush 😘


  6. Susan

    Another great read, thank you gorgeous girl. I do have a tip for you with regard the full brief, try men’s Y Fronts better cotton and better elastic, trust me.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my! I cried and laughed and then cried again when I thought of your poor mum not being able to do anything but rub your back to sooth you. I have no doubt you’re all going to come out of this much stronger than what you were BS (before surgery). You have done so exceptionally well. Gentle hug.

    Liked by 1 person

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