Stay focussed..we’re not there yet.

So something unusual happened this week.. I was crutching through the house and I kicked my TOE! 

Yes it hurt… however I couldn’t help smile as it’s the first time that I’ve honestly noticed my left leg has hit new lengths!!  I mean I’ve seen the X-rays but they haven’t translated to a physical feeling of length.. until now.

I am definitely not keen to stub my toe again but more than anything I’m really trying to avoid sudden impact or movement of my ankle. 

Deadset any knocks or sudden, unsupported movements to my ankle at the moment almost drop me on the spot. I figure the ligaments/tendons around my ankle are stretched to their absolute limit, if not torn.. at times during the day my ankle swells to the point I feel it may pop if hit by a sharp object. As a result my reflexes have transformed to those of the Karate Kid when presented with any risk of a bump! 

Unfortunately there’s not a lot I can do to make it feel better either –  I  alternate between ice and heat packs and rub in Ice Gel and/or voltaren 24/7 (oh and drugs – in moderation 😜) #rosiesnursingtips

We have come such a long way in the daily rituals required for the lengthening process I now even have my very own assistant nurse.. Stella regularly takes on the clicking duties – she is always up for a challenge!!

I am back to the specialist on Tuesday 12 July and I’m hoping for awesome ‘Hey your leg is really long let’s stop everything ‘!

However I know this isn’t the case and as you can see in this picture my tibia has a way to go yet.. 

Just another shocking photo in my pj’s – so glamorous! i forget what its like to wear makeup and do my hair daily! Not loving it.

So as a result of the fact I’m not there yet.. and won’t be for a little while longer, I am really trying to curb my whinging and stay focussed on the outcome. 

I find myself regularly repeating phrases like – this is not a permanent arrangement, only a month or so to go, you can do this, be fearless!! A bit like my own audio self help book.. hey whatever works to get any ‘woe is me’ dialogue out of my head!

You see regardless of how I was born or my current discomfort I can honestly say that I am grateful and I need to focus on it. 

I like the person that I am, I have the gifts of sight and sound, I can (and do) speak my mind, I love, laugh and overshare freely and I have a life full of beautiful family and friends who accept and love me.

I like that I like to drink too much champagne and sing publicly, hug people who don’t like it, kiss people cause they need it and find any excuse for a get together that I can…

So no matter what I think I don’t have, at times when my mind is allowed to wander, I am very aware of what I do have and I consider myself very lucky.

So hurry up leg (urging not whingjng) I’ve got champagne to drink, people to hug, tables to be danced on..


19 thoughts on “Stay focussed..we’re not there yet.

  1. Trish Tanks

    Ok, so on the subject of over sharing

    How on earth do u get PJ bottoms on and off.


    You are so dearly loved by all because u bring so much JOY into everyone’s lives. you really are that person who can light up a room. So glad that u came into my life

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha they are THE ONLY ones I can wear Trish!! They are SUPER stretchy so I can get them over anything!! They are the only pants I can wear so I love them!!!
      Goes both ways Trish.. equally blessed to have been given the opportunity to work and become friends with you. Love you ❀️


  2. I reckon everyone’s said everything I was going to say except, is it my imagination or does Stella look as if she’s enjoying the “clicking”, a bit too much. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sharyn Hodson

    You truly are amazing Rosie! Reading your posts puts the small things we go though into perspective. Your ability to smile and make others smile through your pain says a lot about the kind of person you are and the strength you have within you. Thank you for letting us all share this journey with you , I love to read your posts. Sending you hugs!

    Ps.. You look great with no makeup n pj’s!! πŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much Sharyn (I think ‘great’ is a bit of an exaggeration!! Ha!) You know I’ve always been a positive person but holy cow this is testing my resolve!! I have certainly put my gutter mouth to good use at times.. Mostly under my breath at the wee hours of the morn!
      I am so happy you like the blog, I love over sharing and to be honest it has been the best therapy ever!!
      I hope you are going well I think of you all often. xxxx


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