So it appears that while I believe that I am an intelligent woman capable of holding a good job, making business decisions and actively contributing to society..I am T O T A L L Y incapable of managing my medication. 

And I mean T O T A L L Y! 

Since being released from hospital I have been very lucky to have had the support of my incredible local Doctor, she has patiently worked with me to find the right mix of medication to help during the lengthening. 

It is difficult as my situation is unusual –  I am in a constant planned state of disrepair. The breaks in my femur and tibia never given the chance to mend with the constant ‘clicks’ and ‘whirs’. So at times the pain is ok and at other times it is not so bearable.. It is an acute pain that fluctuates hourly at times.

As a result my Doctor has managed to ‘change it up’ by providing slow release medication that can be ‘topped’ up if required when pain increases with other meds. 

Makes sense.  

Or so I thought until I realised on Saturday night that it appears I cannot follow instructions for SHIT! 

I’ve literally been taking twice the prescribed dose for a good week or soo while also not tapering off the other drugs I was meant to… No wonder I was so sleepy ALL day and the pain just up and disappeared! Good lord!!

We thought this snapchat filter was a good reflection of me last week #tripping

Being a weekend I of course panicked and just stopped taking the tablets which threw me into a kind of withdrawal!  Resulting in a pretty good dose of anxiety for 2 days and about 7 pimples each the size of Mt Vesuvius!! Not to mention some considerable pain.

I seriously looked like a crack addict all pale and gaunt with anxiety and toothpaste dabbed on each of my volcanic pimples (trying to kill them)!! I was a scary sight!!

After realising the error of my ways and reintroducing the prescribed dosages I am pleased to report – I no longer feel like a dribbling fool! I worked with my understanding Doctor on Monday to resolve my inability to read labels and I think I’m back in control! 

As a result of this renewed coherence I just have to say… Are we there yet???

I am sick of the brace and the  restrictions  it imposes when I want to sit or sleep or shower or just live my life.. you get it. 

I honestly thought ’60-80days extension pfft that’s nothing’!! I mean a couple of months and it’s done! Big deal!! 

Well for the record I take it ALL back 30 days is long enough but my legs not ‘long enough’ sadly.. I’m no quitter and it’s not like I can pull out now  but geez it’s played on my mind a few nights of late.. As I’m tossing and turning contemplating the wind outside, the scratching I can hear on the window, the federal election, BrItex, Iceland beating the poms in soccer, the fact my ears are cold and whether or not I need to go and pee before I ever get to sleep.. I remind myself constantly  this was never going to be easy and it is not a permanent arrangement.

Saw this today.. a timely reminder
Yes I am definitely challenged (in more ways than one)..I now patiently await the change. 

Bring it.


14 thoughts on “Challenged 

  1. marypaschko

    Wow – what a crazy journey – and here I am complaining and wishing winter would end! I’m still going to wish that – but I’m going to wish it for you – not me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leah

    My beautiful friend – I love reading your blog, I have cried, laughed and felt the pain! I plan to have a champagne with you before the year is over in qld to celebrate this amazing challenge. XXX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well my friend I absolutely CANNOT wait to catchup and have a champers with you! Pleased you like the blog.. I really love just brain dumping – it’s very therapeutic! Lots of love ❤️❤️


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