Travel, Sick, Scars…

This week has marked four weeks since I underwent surgery

It feels like a lifetime already. 

The days and weeks have evaporated… well for me they have!  I am sure that for those caring for me it probably feels like a lifetime! Lol!  (I honestly do not under estimate or under value the physical, emotional and time consuming impact that my operation and recovery has had on my family and friends)! 

Over the past month since surgery I have been quite ‘a la naturale’  not through choice just shear comfort and seriously because neither Bob (the cat) nor mum care about my daytime underwear or the fact I’ve got no makeup  on!  

So this week has been a little exciting!  I have slipped on a dress, straightened my hair, applied makeup and WORN A BRA😱 (two days in a row)! 

Ahh it felt good!

So while it does look like a grimace in this photo I am ACTUALLY smiling.. the sun was just in my eyes and yes I may have been whinging a little bit 😜!! The Ilizarov device is quite the fashion statement – there’s more bling on my leg than my neck/arm/fingers/ears!
We set off to Brisbane yesterday morning, to see the specialist. I was propped up across the back seat in my usual position. It has been the only comfortable way for me to travel in a vehicle since the operation.. among the pillows, sheepskins, etc etc – it is such a production!

About 30mins into our trip my belly started to flip and I felt all clammy and dizzy.. what the?! 

“Quick can you put the windows down” I called as all windows started to electronically retract. 

As we all nearly got sucked out into the vortex created by the lowered windows my belly continued to flip,  my hair now whipping and clinging to my clammy face.

Oh no – “pull over pull over I think I’m going to be sick” I called out.

Mark swung across the 2 lanes of traffic and off onto the grassy edge, full credit to Mum who dug her nails into the dash of our car – but managed to remain silent! 

Have you ever had to wrangle yourself across the back seat of a vehicle with a ridiculous brace on a sore leg, trying to avoid sinking up to your ankle in slosh in the gutter on the highway all while trying not to vomit?? 

It was awkward!

Anyway…  what I did learn from this experience is that I can now sit in the front seat of our car quite comfortably with three pillows under my leg.. No more backseat for me. Win win.

I eventually met with Ivan (Dr Astori) and presented him with the latest and greatest X-rays I had taken in Gympie on Wednesday (Outing number 1).. The bones continue to seperate successfully and Ivan’s real area of risk, associated with the instability of my left knee, has yet to be realised. So this makes him happy.

My knee really does feel ok, actually I would go so far as to say.. it feels great!  It is my ankle that is a bit messy. It is often tightening right up my achilles and into my calf and even swelling across the front and side of my foot.  Currently it is on a constant rotation of ice and heat packs. 

Apparently this will get worse. No rose coloured glasses around here!

The extension is going well though and  it stands at around 4cm at the moment! What we can achieve in lengthening has so many variables.  So I am committed to prioritising wound care and continuing to manage my pain as best I can so that my energy is used to get as much out of the lengthening process as possible!

Finally, all wounds had their bandages removed while with Ivan – it was great to finally see what has been itchy for weeks! 

I still have some deep shadows/bruising up my hamstring and into my glute. Each wound has healed  well and the scars look ‘good’- although maybe not so good collectively across my leg!!

There goes my career as leg model.. 😜


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