Grumpy Ol Lady 

What a wet weekend we have just had! It saw our entire household housebound yesterday as we received a beautiful and much needed 95ml rain! 

So much rain in fact that it interfered with our digital TV reception!!  As a result everyone was forced to have a restful, TV free day.  

This worked well for most as they got cosy by the fire or slipped under the doona and read, rested and slept. 

I was beyond jealous!

Comfort and/or sleep is not coming easily at the moment and when I successfully find either.. they are short lived!! There is no prejudice.. the same issue is experienced day or night!  Once I’m comfortable enough to go off to sleep – I wake – and that’s pretty much how I roll. 

A Facebook friend shared this yesterday and I could only nod in agreement.. YES! I move every part of my body as I twist and turn trying to get comfortable on my back and/or left butt cheek (the right cheek is still impossible!!) I frustrate myself so usually end up meditating as opposed to giving sacrifices to the gods!

As everyone snoozed I managed to drown my resentment with 3 cups of tea, a coffee and kicking off the first season of Outlander on DVD . I think I may become addicted!! Hooray.. something I can do in bed at all hours!

This lack of sleep, the tossing and turning and moments spent with a numb bum are making me a little grumpy.  It is a fact.. I don’t think anyone likes hanging with me so much at the minute! 

Yesterday afternoon, while giving me a cuddle after I’d snapped about something insignificant, Lilli said, “Oh god mum why are you so grumpy?” 

Oh I don’t know.. maybe because this is all “f@cking f@cked!” It is all so absurdly frustrating we looked at each other and just burst out laughing!

To think I was worried before the surgery about being ‘Fat Bastard’ when really I should’ve been worried about turning into  a ‘Grumpy Old Lady’ 😳!  

So after the kids left for school this morning I decided that I needed some fresh air and a new perspective – outside!

The sun was shining and a beautiful fresh breeze ran along our verandah, so I decided it would be lovely to lie back in the hammock and smell the fresh air!

An awesome idea in concept. Quite nice initially. Though my left leg couldn’t really join my right leg at that angle!  
 I lasted an awkward 5 minutes,
I am not sure it helped.. 


9 thoughts on “Grumpy Ol Lady 

  1. Shelley strachan

    Haha you are articulating your journey with such awesome humour Rosie. You really are a great writer. You’re doing so well hon but I can only imagine the pain and discomfort and boredom and utter frustration. Hang in there, p.s. I too am watching Outlander and all I can say is Jamie take your clothes off and get in my bed now!!!! Hubba bloody hubba

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks Shell!!
      That’s such a compliment coming from you!
      One day at a time and one step at a time… It’s just too hard to manage anything more. Yes loving outlander up to episode 4- looking forward to seeing more of Jamie ❤️❤️


  2. Robyn

    Rosie, instead of watching Outlander, read the book, the first three in her (Diane Gabaldon) series are excellent. And although the TV series isn’t bad the books are excellent, as your imagination creates a picture of Jamie Frazer!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oops I haven’t had the concentration to read! BUT I’m getting there and will most definitely read this series soon! Looking forward to seeing more of your holiday photos xxxx


  3. Susan

    Welcome to GLOW Grumpy yet Lovely Old Woman, however I think your membership will be short lived and temporary where as mine, not so. But remember a soldier who survives mustard gas and pepper spray becomes a seasoned veteran.

    Liked by 1 person

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