Stella, my youngest daughter went off to camp for two nights yesterday.. Stella has taken the role of nursemaid and physio very seriously since my return from hospital.. As soon as her eyes ping open of a morning she’s straight to my room, all giddy from racing out of bed, giving me a cuddle/kiss and asking how I had slept.

As soon as my legs hit the ground she has got her hand under the soul of my left foot so that she can help me with the physio stretches that I do regularly for my knee!  It is incredibly sweet and kind hearted. ❤️

As she finished off the last of her camp packing I gave her a big cuddle and said ‘Gee what am I going to do without you?!  I think you might have to give Lilli a few little nursing tips before you go!’

At this Lilli popped her head around the corner , ‘I beg your pardon’ she exclaimed in her best teenage pitch! ‘I help you… heaps!!’

‘Oh I know you do honey you’re always helping.. It is more that Stella is also my nurse and physio..’ I explained calmly.. as it is true Lilli is always helping around the house. 

‘So anyway….’, began Stella,

‘Number 1 – when you wake in the morning go and check on mum before you get on your phone, maybe lift her leg.

Number 2 – when you’re going to the bathroom anytime.. pop in and check on mum, maybe lift her leg;

Number 3 – when you get home from school make sure you say ‘Hi’ and check on mum, maybe lift her leg.

I think at this point Lilli was rolling her eyes…lol.

Stella will be pleased to know that Lilli is doing everything she’s asked of her.. Kinda❤️

Road testing my crutches and letting me know how good slushies are…
 Well in her own way! Love you Lil 💕


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