Goldilocks and growing things..

I had hoped to wake this morning feeling well rested after my first night at home in my own bed..but I have to say my bed felt too hard. My butt was sore this morning from lying in one position on my hard mattress. As a result I have felt a bit like goldilocks today trying out the rest of the beds in our house until I found one that was just right (and moved it into my room 😜).

Moving mattresses and worrying about my butt has been a great distraction for me as today was D day!  The extension of my leg commenced.

I thought I’d share an X-ray of my tibea, taken after surgery last week to give you some context of my starting point..

Make any sense?! So if you can work out any of that shoot me through a message! Ha. I think it looks like a traffic jam that bridges might have if they were allowed to drive.. 😳
 The sensation of the bones extending is quite indescribable. There is an internal movement and a strange pulling that occurs but I have not found it too painful (yet).  I can now imagine the small tissue, tendon and nerve pain that Ivan (Dr Astori) had suggested would be the greatest challenge over the days and weeks ahead and why physio becomes so important.  

So here I am 3 sessions later and my leg is now 1.5mm longer than it was this morning. Only 118 more sessions!! (Yep I am counting!)

I wanted to record the actual extension process so you could hear the click and whir.. but then I noticed how hairy my leg was 😳 eek! 

I think I will try to record that tomorrow after some hair removal! Will manoeuvre around my leg with a razor (or maybe nair?!) to ensure I don’t end up with the leg of a gorilla!!  

Hairy legs aside.. I am hopeful that following my lip waxing experience (prior to surgery)  I won’t end up looking all Eurovision 2015! 

Lilli cracked out my favourite snapchat filter to remind me this is NOT the look we are going for 🤓!

20 thoughts on “Goldilocks and growing things..

  1. Di

    OMG 😳 Are you sure they put all that in right??? Looks like you need schematics to work it out. Glad you found the right mattress 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

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