Lost in space

I am losing track of the days in this surreal, drug-laced space I’m living at the moment.

The meds are pretty good, so good in fact stories that normally take five minutes for me to quickly translate into the blog are taking a LOT longer.  Primarily because I think I’ve typed ‘hospital is noisy’ but when I  proof read I discover I’ve actually typed ‘dyohhdffehjigf gerfhjrtg’. Mmn 🤔.

I am healing well. All wounds are doing what they should be doing 3-4  days post surgery. The pain is no longer so acute in certain areas that I can’t move, bruises are starting to appear and I’ve started receiving instructions on how to ‘grow my leg’ delivered by Ivan (Dr Astori) and the Precise Nail rep (Paul). Eek! To be continued today.

Thursday during physio I managed to stand (briefly) on my right leg. Friday however I managed to use crutches to ‘take my first hop/s’ and get into the bathroom from the bed (twice) independently. Winning!!  I was so VERY excited to make the round trip (approx 2-3mtrs) to the bathroom. This meant the use of a real toilet (twice) as opposed to a bed pan!!  

Not than I’m complaining….but perching your 41yr old self onto a strategically placed plastic container, lined with what looks a lot like a take away coffee tray, and trying not to get a wet butt/nightie every time takes some skill (primarily the ability to laugh at yourself). Things I’ve learnt about myself #123 – apparently I don’t pee often but I do pee alot 🙈! Yes…I also felt this was TMI. Welcome to hospital.

Unfortunately the pain in my femur has been pretty intense as the bone grapples to deal with the rod inserted into it.  It struggled to bear the weight of the tibia’s external device, while I was on crutches, as it is still healing so while my partial independence was fantastic, it was short lived!

This is my leg yesterday morning. the patches along my femur and into my glute are from where the precise nail has been inserted and my knee released. The external device has now been unbandaged
The tibia is feeling ok just finding a position for my leg and the device to sit comfortably is awkward. Having you leg suspended by something screwed through your muscle/bone is a very odd sensation. Cannot say I’m loving it but hopeful I will get used to it in the coming months.
All in all its been a tough couple of days.  My support crew which expanded to include  Lilli, my sister Jellina and niece Shanae over the past couple of days, have been there to help me wipe away the tears of pain, frustration and ‘I’m not sure I can do this’ ..  My dear school friend Lizzie even snuck past security (aka mum 😜) delivering flowers,
chocolates and hugs last night. 

The girls are adjusting ok. Stella is  openly grossed out by the cage and admits it makes her want to ‘dry retch’! Ha. Me too a little bit. 

She has been avoiding anything that requires her to access my left hand side for fear of knocking it or dry retching openly! Lol.. Yesterday I asked her if she could do my hair for me.  

Access to both sides required and some cracking piggy tails worn for the day! 

Win win.


23 thoughts on “Lost in space

  1. Jo Mac

    Thanks for sharing your journey Rosie, I am loving your blog. So very interesting and what’s even more interesting is how incredibly brave you are! Love ❤ the drugs and they will love you. Hope each day gets that little bit easier for you. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awe Rosie. I knew you would tackle this whole scenario head on and with much gusto. Lemme tell You, I think you’re managing approx 2000% better than any of us who are following your blog. I think for the “every day Jo Blo” in the street, the entire concept of what you’re going through would simply be -too bloody hard. I am in total awe of what you’re doing. Though I must say that my heart goes out to you for the level of pain you must endure (even outside of today’s enhanced pain relief). For me, you’ve already made giant sized steps. Hang in there Dear Friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Donnamaree

    Rosie, you are an absolute legend in my eyes! What a woman! You are one of the strongest females I know, I’m sure I would be such a chicken if I was in your shoes. Much love and strength going your way xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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