Spoilt with nighties and happy thoughts..

I have been RIDICULOUSLY spoilt with beautiful thoughtful gifts from my friends this week, gorgeous hampers of goodies to keep me moisturised, well read and cosy in hospital, candles, a hospital iTunes playlist and the loveliest bracelet signifying transition! I’m so very humbled.. 

The absolute generosity and thoughtfulness has been overwhelming, late yesterday afternoon Stella’s best friend’s mum popped over with a Peter Alexander bag in tow.  Look at me now.. nightie issues sorted (thanks JoeπŸ’•)

Flashest Mater Private patient right there 😜

Earlier this week my beautiful SIL Leanne surprised me at a family dinner with this gorgeous idea.. 

 The happiness jar❀️
The jar is filled with a whole lot of scratchies (so many I may actually win something), chocolates, positive affirmations and random flashing articles! It came with blank paper to allow family and friends to write little messages to me.

The idea being that while I’m in hospital (and beyond) it is my grown-up lucky dip – to call on some happiness as necessary! I love it. I’ll be like a kid in a lolly shop everyday.

At the moment the large majority of notes are from Lilli and Stella..  they are very keen for me not to look at any until I am in hospital. 

However..today as I wandered past I couldn’t help myself and threw my hand down deep into the jar pulling out this little number.

A single Nespresso coffee pod. Spot on. She knows me well! πŸ™Œ

Honestly the beautiful thoughtful words and sentiments received from family, friends and strangers alike this past week has been mind blowing. 

Thank you all. 

I will see you on the other side x


14 thoughts on “Spoilt with nighties and happy thoughts..

  1. Di and Trev

    You are very much in our thoughts this week Dear Rosie. Have asked who/whatever the higher power maybe to please watch over you while you are maybe not quite in the know over the next few days. We will be waiting anxiously (the same as everyone else who knows your plight, no doubt) to hear how well everything has gone for you, and hoping that the “hurting” parts don’t last tooooo long. Love, hugs, and only good thoughts.

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  2. Shar

    Love your new nightie Rosie So pleased it is not pale pink satin with embodied flowers and bows! πŸŒΈπŸŽ€. Take care tomorrow…will be thinking of you. 😘

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  3. Tracey Wigmore

    Sending lots of positivity to your surgeons and medical staff and healing prayers to you! Just remember every time you think I can’t do this or it’s all becoming too much, you just have to be brave for five more minutes. And then another five minutes. Small achievable goals 😊

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  4. Ange

    My dearest friend,
    I remember our dinner on the river last year when we talked about this, and now it’s time! How quickly time flies. I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of love and support from across the seas. Go get it! You’ve got this!
    Love Ange

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  5. Karyn smith

    Thinking of you so much and sending lots of love xx an amazing journey you are going through…there will be sad times and happy times, but I know you will conquer all your challenges love you xxxx

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  6. Dear Rosie,
    Thinking of you on this momentous journey you are on. You are an amazing woman, who is loved by so many people. Wishing you all the best for your surgery, and may your recovery be speedy. Thanks for sharing your story- you are an inspiration to us all. Sending hugs and love,
    Donna and Doug xxxxxxπŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š

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