Eat, drink, pamper. Repeat..

Along my earlier lines of morphing into Fat Bastard, what a decadent week I have had! It seems I have done little more than drink coffee and/or wine, do lunch and attend dinners with my beautiful friends and family! I like it. In fact it’s a shame it will all come crashing to a halt on Monday when we head to Brisbane for my operation.

I keep reminding myself these are good luck/we love you catchups not goodbyes!  As a couple of times its been so much fun laughing and reminiscing about good times that I’ve wondered if this is what it’s like to attend your own wake😁! Mum didn’t appreciate this statement. In fact I got in trouble. (42yrs is not too old to feel the wrath of your mum!)

There’s a whole lot of silly things racing through my head at the moment, most keeping me awake often at night. Not the least being my ongoing search for hospital nighties!! I really don’t like nighties. Finding suitable hospital sleep wear.. no embroidered flowers, no satin/lace and no Disney characters plastered across my chest…the struggle is real! So in between my numerous social engagements this week I have shopped (albeit for nighties)! 

I know it doesn’t sound like this week could get much better eating (too much),  drinking (too much) and shopping.. but it does!

I’ve also had a whole lot of pampering! A beautiful facial (thanks to my dear friend Dreens), a sensational Thai massage, new hair and waxing (TMI?)… I’ve never been so maintained in my life! My lovely beauty therapist even waxed my top lip! 

This went a bit like:

Beauty Therapist, “Rosie your top lip needs waxing I can’t stand it any longer”

“Oh seriously?!” I exclaimed not realising my top lip was so Groucho Marx… 

I was then hit with the warm sensation of wax on my top lip.. followed by the quick rip!!

“ARGHHH”, as a lip waxing virgin I must say WTF was I thinking!!!!

Not only did it hurt ALOT but my top lip now looks like every follicle is angry about the hair that it has lost! 

Post pampering in the hammock- all pimpled up!!

Stella lying in the hammock with me this afternoon looks at me intently… ‘Um mum, I don’t think you need any more beauty treatments before your operation’.

‘Do you think I’m beautiful enough?’, I asked tongue in cheek. 

‘Nah I don’t think its working for you’ she replied. 



14 thoughts on “Eat, drink, pamper. Repeat..

  1. Fiona Bromilow

    Oh Rosie. You are too funny! Speaking from a nurses point of view, you’ll be stuck in an illustrious backless gown for quite awhile ( and unfortunately I don’t mean a ball gown), go for stretchie numbers when it comes to nighties. I agree though, it is very hard to find something that doesn’t look like it came straight from Warner bros or belongs in a boudoir!

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  2. Veronica

    As someone who had their lip waxed in the 90’s and didn’t enjoy the experience one bit it’s Nair cream all the way now baby!
    P.s did you try Peter Alexander for nighties? I don’t wear nighties either though, especially down here, I would freeze.

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  3. Belinda Drummond

    Too funny! I can imagine you’re mum telling you off for that statement 😃
    You are still the same gorgeous girl I met a loooooong time ago, beautiful inside & out. Thank you for sharing this journey you are on. I hope all goes well on Monday xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natasha

    Can you go a shirt and top combo instead of a nightie. Boxer shorts and a loose too. That is what I did when my babies were born. Easy to get off and the boxers prevent issues with backless gowns. Susan has some decent ones and Peter Alexander?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Shelley Strachan

    Love you honey child and thinking about you. If it feels a bit like a wake it’s cause this is going to be a whole new chapter in your life. The end of one chapter and the start of another. Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah that makes absolute sense and rings true my friend.. it’s a surreal feeling. Love you too and thinking of the champagne you’ll be drinking in my absence while cruising the east coast!! Look forward to watching the ‘cruisers’ in action next week xx


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